Fly Free on Delta… 5 to 14 Times!

You guys.

Delta is giving out the best initial spending bonus I have ever seen.  Ever. Until July 26th, you can get 60,000 miles on their Gold Delta Skymiles American Express card.  I am really sad that I already have the card and only got 30,000 miles when I opened it as part of my travel hacking.

You can earn at least five free flights on Delta! Deadline: July 5, 2017.

photo: adapted from Travis Olbrich

Why is it the Best?

  • Usually you have to spend at least $4,000 in 3 months to get a bonus this size, but Delta only requires $3,000.
  • There’s no annual fee the first year.
  • I value Delta points more than any other airline’s.  A one-way United flight has never cost me less than 10,000 points.  Usually 12,500.  As of today, you can fly some Delta routes for only 6,000 points one-way!  (E.g. L.A. to Seattle this October.)

How do I get all 14 flights?

  1. Think about flying the way I do.  As a permanent traveler, most my flights are one-way.  If you need round-trip tickets, the most you can expect by combining the 60,000 mile bonus with the other offer I’ll explain next is seven round trip flights.  Which is still amazing.
  2. The other rad bonus that not many people know about – 25,000 points for becoming an active AirBnb host.  You have to be new and do it through the Delta portal.  But if you’ve been considering making money through AirBnb by renting out an extra space, be sure to get this bonus worth 4 one-way flights!
    (related: What is AirBnb?  Also: if hosting isn’t in the cards for you, AirBnb newbies can still get $40 off your first stay!)
  3. Spend wisely.  I stretch my Delta points by using them only on the lowest-points flights.

Go Get Your Free Flights!

You aren’t getting any free flights if you don’t get the card coming in the mail.  The clock is ticking on the best offer I’ve ever seen. Apply for the card, quick!  

Happy Travels! ♣

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