Photo of the Day: Week 25

Lots of lovely outdoor time & adult beverages… as summer should be!

Lesson of the week: yet again I love how this resolution leads to capturing the type of moments that usually slip right by in the smartphone era.

June 18:

Geo-caching with my nephew.  What a beautiful time of night to be out under the Wyoming sky. 

June 19:

Target practice.  Gorgeous countryside.

June 20:

This is the stuff my childhood fantasies were made of.  Cloud-lands were where the magic happened in my little-Jema brain.

June 21:

Fun to finally meet Bailey, Amy’s sidekick for 8 months, now!

June 22:

Game night + letting me practice my story that I’m telling at a conference next week.  #thanksy’all.

June 23:

River day!  Freezing water was refreshing in the 95 degree heat.  I was dumb enough to body float some rapids and lucky enough to come out mostly unscathed.

June 24:

Amy’s softball team + the amazing Lydia + excellent conversation with a random stranger (who happens to be inadvertently photobombing).  Biggest disappointment of the night: finding out I was missing out on a city-wide nighttime naked bike ride. #nextyear

Photo Location(s):

Casper, Wyoming – USA
Wyoming Public Lands – USA
United Flight 5769 – USA
Vancouver, Washington – USA
Washougal, Washington – USA
Portland, Oregon – USA

Happy Travels!

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