Photo of the Day: Week 26

Y’all.  This is it.  Halfway through the year!

Photo lesson/observation of the week: when I’m with friends or family, I have endless urges to snap photos.  Doing anything else (e.g. this week travel + conference) and a greater awareness is required.

June 25:

Post softball beers with my lifelong amiga.

June 26:

Look at the present Amy got me!  A scratch-off world map as one of our post-dinner activities with Sochetra.  I can’t remember who won at Jeopardy… must not have been me!

June 27:

My first Washington pull tabs.  We won nothing at first, and then a dollar.

June 28:

I see lots of views from 30,000 feet, but a line of volcanoes heading into the distance has to be one of the best.

June 29:

The view from the conference floor of the rainy, beautiful evening in Kansas City.

June 30:

I parked by this museum every morning and had a lovely stroll down to the conference venue.

July 1:

A few of us (conference attendees) tried to go have BBQ.  When in Rome… however, we neglected to remember that well-known joints are like the voodoo donuts of Kansas City.  Our waitress at the taqueria across the street said the trick is to do carry-out.  Roger that.

Photo Location(s):

Portland, Oregon – USA
Vancouver, Washington – USA
United Flight 830 – USA
Kansas City, Missouri – USA
Kansas City, Kansas – USA

Happy Travels!

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