Photo of the Day: Week 27

Theme of the week: outside!

I’m exhausted, y’all.  Tackling so many personal challenges while constantly shifting locations is drawing on reserves of strength I barely possess.  However, I’m successfully avoiding my habit of letting now’s solutions dictate life months down the road.  #smallwin

July 2:

A lovely Sunday afternoon with my Kansas City relatives!  Great people and conversations.

July 3:

This farm has been a home away from home for ten years now.  A comfortable place to land after a long travel day and at a time when my life is sprouting in so many new directions.

July 4:

Lovely to be back in the PNW forest, and a privilege to have July 4th free to hike in the woods, gather with friends, and enjoy the warm evening outside under the night sky.

July 5:

On a day of recovery and life admin on the computer, I captured these “owl eyes” in the tree outside the guest bedroom window.

July 6:

Before a day of reading on the front porch swing, shopping for new dresses, scoping out an apartment I’m going to rent in a few weeks, grocery shopping, and playing a questions game all night… I made eggs.  On a perfectly level stove.  And the excess whites ran unexpectedly in opposite directions.  And the nascent chickens looked like chicken breasts & wings in the pan.

July 7:

I get it.  Finally.  The Oregon Country Fair.  When I was back in Wyoming working during college summers, all my friends would sing the praises of this event.  I always thought it was just kind of a giant trade-fair for hippies.  Nope.  Acres and acres of stages, yoga shelters, opportunities to play, acrobats, music, food, and micro-communities.  For the first time ever, I understood why people love things like Burning Man and music festivals.

July 8:

Sitting in the garden Adirondack chairs underneath the cedar tree, these curious flakes of cedar bark & lichen grabbed my attention.  I didn’t capture the many snakes on our evening hike.

Photo Location(s):

Kansas City, Kansas – USA
Cheshire, Oregon – USA
Blachly Mountain Forest, Oregon – USA
Veneta, Oregon – USA

Happy Travels!

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