Photo of the Day: Week 28

What does one do on the verge of collapse?

Chase fires, play in orchards, rent a cabin in the woods, read, hike, be outside with friends, spend all day at coffee shops in an historic downtown, hike some more…

I’m only half kidding about the verge of collapse.  I counted for something I wrote earlier this week, and I’ve been to over 26 locations in 26 weeks this year.  Tomorrow I’m “moving in” to a studio apartment for a few weeks before I go to Alaska.  And I’ve cleared my calendar for the rest of the year (save a trip to Belize in October) to make way for a new chapter.  More on this later!

July 9:

When you’re chasing a countryside fire, realize the tank is on empty, and can and stop by the farm’s mobile fueling rig for a few gallons instead of driving into town.

July 10:

Baby hazelnuts looks like baby cabbages!

July 11:

After spending all day yoga-ing, working, talking, and packing, then unpacking and resting at this little cabin, I remembered at bedtime to take a photo.  Borrowed this treasure from my friend’s shelf.  Steinbeck is one of my favorite authors.  Given how sad I was when I ran out of Vonnegut, I decided to only read Steinbeck’s work when it crossed my path.  The Pearl has some great parallels with modern life’s sometimes problematic approach.  

July 12:

A double message here – both the whiskey we drank pre-dinner and the empty jug I filled with water to add extra weight to my Denali training pack.

July 13:

This woman and I talk for hours – literally – on the phone every few months.  We’re impossible in person.  Great to meet her hubby, finally, who does a wonderful job of putting up with us.

July 14:

Pretty sure my version of heaven involves writing all day on my laptop at coffeeshops.  Especially coffee shops that have views like this.

July 15:

Haven’t been to this part of the Oregon coast in years.  Ten?  And the first time I saw the ocean it was here!

Photo Location(s):

Monroe, Oregon – USA
Cheshire, Oregon – USA
Noti, Oregon – USA
Florence, Oregon – USA
Yachats, Oregon – USA

Happy Travels!

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