Photo of the Day: Week 29

Three of these photos were oops-it’s-the-end-0f-the-day photos.  Can you guess which?

Only two locations this week!  Moving cities, hiking, gardening, and working on turning over a new leaf…

Photo observation: I’m getting pretty darn good at remembering to take horizontal pictures so I don’t have to edit (rotate) them here.

July 16:

Goodbye sweet Finn! <3

July 17:

I planned to only go grocery shopping once in two weeks.  As a result, I played a serious game of fridge tetris.  #toomanyveggies #basicallypackagedwater

July 18:

Being from a place with high points on highways above 10,000 feet makes hiking in Oregon kind of cute.

July 19:

Before and after!  My friend’s friend’s friends let me do a bit of work trade for part of my backyard studio rental.  It feels so good to be “home,” to put my belongings in the same spot every day, to have just a tiny taste of routine.

July 20:

Before and after #2!  I really love physical labor.  Well, in manageable doses.  I’m not longing to do 8-12 hour days of bending and lifting.

July 21:

Training hike #1 had so many blackberries en route, I brought a half-gallon container on the second foray… and nearly filled it!   #berriesandcream

July 22:

Blurry on purpose – the late-night, oops-forgot-a-photo-today snap.  This is what my life looks like each time I am re-evaluating or trying to catch up on myriad goals and projects.  Pictured: both the former and the latter.

Photo Location(s):

Florence, Oregon – USA
Eugene, Oregon – USA

Happy Travels!

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