Photo of the Day: Week 30

I did something this week that I haven’t done for months.

I stayed in one place.  In a house all by myself.  What did I think of all this?  BLISS.

Photo observation: I still love how well this resolution is going and the huge value it’s adding to my life.  Jury’s out on my other three resolutions.  One of them I’ve officially abandoned.  The other two I’m ignoring a bit… except when I’m not.  More on that someday.  Maybe.

July 23:

Got to have lunch and catch up with one of my former professors… who is still a kick ass woman and an incredible inspiration.  I hope I’m as awesome as her when I’m 70!

July 24:

Just about a year ago I was at a bar in a small town in Wyoming just outside of Yellowstone.  I met a woman from the east coast who was working up in the mountains nearby at a small resort.  We talked all night, danced, and I sent her a bunch of info for her upcoming trip through Yellowstone with a friend.  She couldn’t believe that I went to university in the very town she was considering moving to at summer’s end to buy an investment property.  Fast forward 12 months, and she and the chef from a nearby resort have graced Track Town USA with their awesomeness.  Thank god for my pedantic naming conventions, or I never would have tracked down her number in my contacts!

July 25:

I’m super, super good at never leaving the house when given the opportunity.  So grateful the inspiration for an evening walk struck on the most beautiful night of the week!

July 26:

I feel like I grew up in this house.  I learned to cook kale from Ari, I learned that being Type A isn’t a requirement for success from my easy-going artist roommate Justin.  I learned the value of refreshing and direct honesty from Sochetra.  I learned from Lauren that it’s possible to live a balanced life simply by choosing.  Two weeks ago in Florence, I couldn’t believe that the same man who used to drive past my kitchen window in his old pickup was walking past the front room window of my friend’s house.  Turns out my old landlords sold up, moved out to the coast, and now live just down the street from my really good friend.  Smallest. World. Ever.

July 27:

I love rainbows. Especially at the end of a long day of rolling with the punches. Especially when they have clever plays on words. Icing on the cake of a day spent with my favorite Seattle-ite 🙂

July 28:

The murphy bed has been a fun feature of this little studio that has gifted me so much sanity.  Down for sleeping, up for yoga and Alaska prep!

July 29:

Of all the times I’ve been to the infamous Eugene Saturday Market in the last 16 years, today was the  best.  Great conversation with a friend whose perspective I value and admire mixed with fascinating art, gorgeous harvests, and of course… the people watching.

Photo Location(s):

Eugene, Oregon – USA

Happy Travels!

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