Add New Amazon Store ID?

Why do I want to add a new Amazon store ID?  I just created a new website, and I want to track Amazon sales for that site separately from this site.  In the link-creator, there are two drop downs – store ID and tracking ID.  I successfully figured out how to add a tracking ID.

But when I googled “Add New Store ID Amazon” and its variations, I got nothing.  Well, no helpful answer in the top ten of 89 billion results.  I am a good googler.  So why can’t I figure out how to add a new Amazon store ID?  If you’re Amazon Associate savvy, jump ahead for the answer.

(Hey real quick: this post is really just a gift to the internet.  My apologies to regular Half the Clothes readers who might be super confused right now.)

Why I Drink Kombucha – 3 Reasons

3 Reasons to Drink Kombucha

Mmmm… prickly pear ginger kombucha just begging to be poured into a glass of ice!

Over the past thirty years, kombucha has slowly crept into mainstream awareness in America.  I remember visiting my grandparents as a kid and thinking they were so weird because they made tea from a big, white, slimy “mushroom” they kept in a casserole dish in the fridge.