Why Australians Think I’m An Asshole

When I was in Australia recently, many conversations and interactions with Aussies caused me to think about American cultural values.  Being cultural descendants of the British, Aussies tend to have a “Keep Calm and Carry On” attitude, but might add, “and have fun doing it!

Not wild-frat-boy-egocentric fun, though.  If there is one thing Australia culture doesn’t love, it’s…

Things You’ll Only See in Australia

It’s uncomfortable, hard work getting to know a culture and it’s people.  When I stepped off my $600 round trip flight to Melbourne from LAX, I was hit with a wave of payoff.

Do You Make These 8 Travel Mistakes?

Calling all budget travel tip seekers!  We all want to know how to travel for cheap, and even better if we can figure out how to travel for free, right?  Whether you’re gathering information on how to travel the world or just trying to learn how to travel on a budget, here are eight travel mistakes to avoid: