Do You Make These 8 Travel Mistakes?

Calling all budget travel tip seekers!  We all want to know how to travel for cheap, and even better if we can figure out how to travel for free, right?  Whether you’re gathering information on how to travel the world or just trying to learn how to travel on a budget, here are eight travel mistakes to avoid:

How Do You Afford to Travel?

Almost every day someone says to me, “Do you mind if I ask how you get money to pay for your life?”  They imagine I must have some swank job.  (No thanks.)  Or maybe I’m a trust-fund baby.  (Ha! So, so, so far from it.)

Guns, God & a God-Awful Amount of Work

She walked up to me at a mall. A big mall. The Opry Mills Mall near the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville Tennessee. Her youthful face, shiny blonde hair, hooded sweatshirt, and bright smile said late teens, maybe early 20’s.

What I Learned at a Trump Event in the South

When our Nashville couchsurfing hosts warned us getting around the city on Wednesday might be difficult because the President would be in town, my foreign friend immediately asked if we could attend.  I said we’d have to get tickets and they probably would be sold out already.  She googled and had free vouchers in hand within five minutes.