Why Whiskey Isn’t Bourbon

Jack Daniels – the top selling American whiskey in the world and second globally only after Johnny Walker – is made in Lynchburg, Tennessee.  All of it.

Get this: Like many towns in the American South, Lynchburg is in a dry county… meaning the sale of alcohol is illegal there.  Can you believe it?

How to Get Around the Onward Flight Rule

The long term travel conundrum is this: What do you do when a country requires proof of onward travel as a condition of entry, but you don’t know how long you’re actually staying or where you’re going next?

Travel Snobbery at its Finest

Let’s make it clear that we’re discussing the merits of Global Entry and TSA Precheck here.

I feel weird writing about this kind of stuff, because it’s only for a few travel types (Americans and/or high-rolling flyers, to name a few).  But who’s to say you might not become a really-frequent traveler or start to value your time more than your precious cash?

(Me, and me.  Something the me-of-ten-years ago never saw coming.)

Being Deprived of Convenience? Major FWP.

A thing that sucks about nomad life is all the “normal life” stuff you miss out on.

Birthday parties. Making coffee in the same appliance every day. Knowing your way around the grocery store. Budget hacks like buying out of season, bulk shopping, and being one place long enough to get an Amazon package delivered.