Photo of the Day: Week 24

I fell ill mid-week, but still managed to capture adventures with the kiddos.

Lesson of the week.  Being sick robs me of all motivation and enthusiasm for goals.  Anything more than “staying alive” seems like a ridiculous amount of effort.

June 11:

Went down to the Nic Fest – lots of fun stuff to see and do.  Here’s the family’s art.

June 12:

Birthday boy!  Trick candles.  All children should have cupcakes for the candle-extinguishing portion of this tradition, amiright?!

June 13:

Went to the college campus to try and look at a skeleton to solve some proprioception issues I’ve had recently and ended up finding the greenhouse – staffed but closing up.  They let us have a look around.  Izziah loved the birds!

June 14:

The littlest little always wants to do what big brother gets to do, of course.  And his awesome mommy makes it happen for him!  I suppose I’m glad I didn’t know when I took this photo that I’d be sick for the next three days.

June 15:

It’s lovely getting to see these boys so enthusiastic in the backyard each night before and after dinner.  Cedar sings a song from one of his YouTube equipment videos when he plays with the “excavator” he got for his birthday.  And by singing, I mean he yells at the top of his lungs, “ExcaVAAAAAtor, ExcaVAAAAtor, I am and excaVAAAAtor.  I have a big BOOOOOOM and an AAAAAAAAArm and a Buuuuuuuuuucket.  ExcaVAAAAAAtoorrrrrrr.”

June 16:

Fail!  So sick, I barely moved.  I got up at noon, ate food, sorted through baby clothes, took a nap, ate dinner, went to bed.  No photos. 🙁

June 17:

I was sick most of this day, too. But my energy picked up after dinner. The nephews loved face-timing! Hesston really liked watching his cousins play with their trucks. He kept saying, ‘I want to go there!’ Awww…

Photo Location(s):

Casper, Wyoming – USA

Happy Travels!

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