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There are many paths to the wholeness I suspect we’re all after in life.  They all have to do with disrupting patterns.

  • Travel disrupts.
  • Self-hacking disrupts.
  • Spiritual studies & practice disrupt.
  • Therapy disrupts.

And all of these pattern disruptors require a foundation made up of time, attention, and health.

A healthy body, bank account, space, relationships, and habits all make it more possible to work on a healthy mind that I believe is a linchpin to the wholeness so many of us ache for.

Looking for disrupter-travel?

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Looking for disruptor self-hacking?

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Looking for a more healthy bank account?

use budget travel blog half the clothes to learn how to get free flights with travel credit card hacking


Or read the short version of  how I afford to travel. (For long version – keep going!)

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