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You want to know how I afford to travel?  I get asked this question by every single new person I meet.  Here’s the answer.

Affording travel is one of the many things Half the Clothes is about.  Also the courage  and tools to ditch your 9 to 5 habits.  And entertainment – I’ve made a lot of mistakes that make for good stories.  Whether you want habit-shattering travel,  life hacking, or just vicarious fun, I’ve probably got something for you.  Here’s why I care.

Looking for Life Change?

rosie the riveter personal growth blog transformational travel improvement


Dreaming of Globetrotting?

round the world trip planning at transformational travel blog half the clothes


After Entertainment?

travel mishap stories from storytelling travel blog half the clothes


Want a Gift?

use budget travel blog half the clothes to learn how to get free flights with travel credit card hacking


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