Photo of the Day: Week 31

Almost all of these photos have nothing to do with this week… in a way.  What do I mean?

I’m prepping for a trip-of-a-lifetime… backpacking in Denali National Park.  As a nomad, prepping for a trip like this requires learning lots more about my current location(s) than I usually do.  Locations of retail outlets I don’t usually visit, etc.  Since it’s a gear-intensive trip, I’ve got an extra layer of acquisition.  The time in the kitchen would happen regardless of location.

Photo observation: I’m starting to notice and care about aesthetics… out-of-focus shots, photos that would look awesome with HDR… and it only took seven months!  Maybe I’ll get around to putting some feelers out for a better camera before the end of the year?

July 30:

Testing homemade trail meals – creamy rice and pine nuts; fiesta cashew beans and rice, and cashew Indian curry.  Sourcing the freeze-dried chicken was too annoying, so I doubled up on nuts.  Recipes from The Yummy Life.

July 31:

Last few miles of my last Eugene training hike, meeting my Wyoming bar buddies at the top!

August 1:

First full day in Portland, spent at the gear store, talking for hours and hours with my Hawaii sister-from-another-mister, and helping my bestie get rid of the weird shizz from around her new property.  On the curb at 9 p.m., craigslist ad posted by 9:30, gone by 6 a.m.

August 2:

Hottest day of the year in Portland, so I got up at sunrise to get in my 8 miles.  Second to last training hike!  And thanks to Misty the warehouse maven at BJ Coffee Roasters for the mid-hike brew.  You’re my hero!

August 3

When you lazily replace everything you don’t have from your own damn recipe with coconut and oats… you get still-delicious, but very crumbly trail bars. #ohwell

August 4

Final food assembly before game night at Bradley and Annie’s.  7 Wonders has my vote.

August 5

Last training hike was a doozy.  I ate my weight in salmon berries, huckleberries, and golden raspberries.  #sorrynotsorry Great views of Mt. Hood (and Adams, and Jefferson, and St. Helens!) despite the Canadian wildfire smoke.

Photo Location(s):

Eugene, Oregon – USA
Vancouver, WA – USA
Silver Star Scenic Area, WA – USA

Happy Travels!

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