Photo of the Day: Week 34

The final Alaskan adventures!

Two parts illness, three parts outside, two parts The Grove Grand Hall good times.

Photo observation: nothing I haven’t said before.  Still grateful for the awareness and presence this activity brings to my life.

August 20:

Final leg of recovery from close contact with ill folks.  Not even enough mental energy to pick something to watch on Netflix.  Books, I can do.

August 21:

Every Tuesday night before Anchorage deliveries, and every Thursday night before the Farmer’s market, this is the scene on the bottom floor at The Grove.  So many happy, healthy microgreens under the fan to increase longevity.  Yum.

August 22:

A beautiful day and adequate physical restoration combine!  This hike had me giggling like a schoolgirl.  So many incredible views!

August 23:

Time to move mama and the new babies in with the other pigs.  Operation temporary pig-shoot complete.

August 24:

I think we must have been playing Agricola when I went to the sink for a glass of water and saw a moose grazing at the edge of the property.  The camera king got his snap before we chased the moose away from the precious perennials that are so fun for her to munch.

August 25:

Do I want to go rafting and fishing?  Uh… sure!  Especially with these lovely folks.  Apparently our spot of entry into the Talkeetna River is 8 minutes from the glacier melt where the river begins.  I learned in Denali that if you capture this glacier runoff into a container, 65% of the container will be filled with sediment.

August 26:

Last full day at The Grove and I joined in the Tarot.  The universe says I need to move onto the next cycle in life, which involves returning to my core strengths/places and leaning on my allies/support system… but maybe after taking a retreat?  It all sounds really lovely.

Photo Location(s):

The Grove, Talkeetna – USA
X Y Lakes, Talkeetna – USA
Talkeetna River – USA

Happy Travels!

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