Photo of the Day – Week 35

I swear she’s not an ax-murderer.

After leaving Alaska, I got to hang out with one of my smartest, most fascinating, most honest, greatest friends… maybe for the last time this year!  (Re?)Meet her below.  Pacific Northwest is my happy place.

Photo observation: I savor more of life’s lovely moments thanks to the awareness and presence this goal requires.  It amplifies my happiness.

August 27:

The mountains of Alaska are just one of many reasons I think this state will make more appearances in my future.

August 28:

If you need the skinny on Anchorage or many other things Alaska, this lady’s quirky take will definitely have you out experiencing the best Alaskan life has to offer!  Thank you for sharing your Alaska with me, Gina! <3  

August 29:

For me, a great test of one’s integrity is whether or not they care about ridiculous pictures of themselves.  So grateful to have this lady in my life… who laughs harder at her own unflattering photo than anyone else who sees it.  You’re one of the loves of my life, ma’am!

August 30:

Finally reconnecting in person, after three years of phone calls.  I’m thankful to have such a confident, decisive, observant woman (and her lovely family) in my life.  (Making plum compote in the solar oven at her parent’s city-homestead property.)

August 31:

Got tons of writing done at a Gresham coffee shop while my college roommate worked his engineering job down the street on either side of our lunch date.

September 1:

When you visit your friends and one is in culinary school.  Not pictured: the road trip up to Seattle with my bestie and her beau, yoga, running in Magnolia, and a late-night, 300-page reading binge.

September 2:

Finally!  Fully back on the yoga bandwagon after some stop-and-go a la travel logistics + illness.

Photo Location(s):

Alaska State Fair, Palmer – USA
Anchorage, Alaska – USA
Vancouver, Washington – USA
Portland, Oregon – USA
Gresham, Oregon – USA
Seattle, Washington – USA

Happy Travels!

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