Photo of the Day – Week 42

The first half of week 42 led to major binges in the second half.

I spent more than 53 hours this week caring for others.  I became so exhausted that I spent most of my remaining time binging on dopamine-providing activities.  Sleep.  Games.  Lame food.  Alcohol.  Etc.  Etc.

October 15:

In anticipation of spending lots of time at my Grams’ basically observing her behaivor and helping as needed, I bought an adult coloring book.  Time to finish one page is 5-20 hours.  Here’s hoping she recovers fast enough that I don’t finish the book! 🙂

October 16:

The most successful home-made gift I’ve ever made.  Before the days of pinterest, I think homemade gift ideas came from magazines.  Certainly I didn’t come up with this one.  But I made them for all my grandparents, and probably a decade later (more?!) they are still on all the fridges.   Also pictured, a symbol of one of the coolest grassroots community movements.

October 17:

Grams cruising Facebook, then happening across a video of her youngest great-grand baby playing with his dad.  She loved it!

October 18:

After Grams’ first outpatient therapy appointment, attended by all her care providers, we went out to brunch.  When I emphasized to the server that I would like a little coffee with my cream, and not vice versa (and when my mom and sister mentioned they would be fighting over the flavored creamer) dude brought us his creation… leaning towers of heavenly dairy product.  (Well, at least in my case.  Do you know that bullshit Coffeemate crap is actually just sugar and oil?  Gross!

October 19:

An evening to myself?!  A freezer full of lobster?!  A fridge full of veggies?!  Okay, okay, life isn’t that hard.

October 20:

My sister took over Grandma care around 9 am.  I was back to an empty house by 10 a.m.  Here’ a pretty good sample of my day.  Prickly pear margaritas, bad food… now I understand the choices (by process of elimination?!) of so many modern Americans.  When you’re super depleted, can you do anything but binge?

October 21:

Slightly more productive activities on my only full day off this week.  Four hours on the phone with good friends.  Watching documentaries while doing PT and hair hygiene.  

Photo Location(s):

Tucson, Arizona – USA

Happy Travels!

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