Photo of the Day – Week 43

This externally-dictated unpredictability and sleeping in different beds every night is still blowing my mind.

You’d think as a heavily experienced traveler, this would be a piece of cake.   Monday wake up at house A, run person A’s errands, carry bags to car, drive to Person B’s, carry bags into house, live person B’s life, sleep at person B’s, carry bags to car, drive to Person A’s…    But traveling I get to pick so much about my life.   True, I recently complained about all the mental energy it takes to do so.   But not being able to choose one’s daily life is even more mentally crippling than overwhelm.   I’ve been there before, so I feel qualified to judge.   At least for myself, I guess.

So, I look at these photos and smile at good memories.   But what I mostly felt this week was… nothing.   The constant changes, lack of time to process, and the lack of autonomy are numbing.

October 22:


October 23:

I lost my camera!   Temporarily.   I realized near the end of the evening that it was in the trail pack at another house.   It probably just would have been something similar to the photo I captured the next night:

October 24:

Bathtime with this crazypants isn’t the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.   He loves looking at his crazy hair in the faucet reflection.

October 25:

I don’t “need” coffee.   There are plenty of days when I don’t have a cup.   But I definitely “need” good coffee.   In a land of Keurigs, I’ve been schlepping around a grinder and Moka pot.   I suppose controlling this small part of my life brings an element of sanity to my world.

October 26:

Potatoes sprouting in the pantry?   Seen it.   Tomatoes?!   Never!   Wow.   I could see these little guys about to push through the skin, so I grabbed some tweezers and confirmed they weren’t nasty bugs or something.   Is this because most tomatoes are GMO (guessing) and they’re engineered not to be viable seeds to keep farmer beholden to seed companies?

October 27:

Had to stop by my mom’s work to scan our travel insurance claim.   Isn’t she the cutest (and most ridiculously competent) little project manager (or whatever they call her)?

October 28:

Activity of the morning.   (The notebook).   I never more “myself” than when this is happening.

Photo Location(s):

Tucson, Arizona – USA

Happy Travels!

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