About Half the Clothes

budget travel can be transformational travel as explained by top travel blog half the clothes


Then Half the Clothes is the right place for you!

The site began as a travel blog, and – yes – I continue to be a nomad without a mailbox, pass on lessons learned, and share stories with armchair travelers.


I’ve met too many people who feel dissatisfied and stuck.

I’m determined to help them create the rich life they dream about!

Half the Clothes has the inspiration and tools you need to ditch your 9 to 5 habits and begin living boldly.

Traveling is the primary path to transformation discussed here, but it’s not the only one.  Why travel?  Because it isolates you from the years of learned cues and habits that constantly undermine our attempts to change.

Can’t or don’t want to travel?  Rest easy knowing an at-home journey can produce the same awesomeness!

half the clothes budget travel blog encourages transformative travel like this fish traveling from its smaller bowl to a bigger bowl with a giant leap of courage

Why You Matter to Me

Your personal growth and perspective shifts not only improve your life, but the lives of all those you touch.  That domino effect makes the world a better place.  And I’m ridiculously altruistic.  (Or maybe just ridiculous!)

Personal growth affects everyone around you so start the domino effect in your life with transformative travel using budget travel expert half the clothes travel tips

I’m confident that once you have the life you want – catalyzed by transformative travel or just the resources here – you’ll discover real community.  With plenty of time and emotional energy left over to give to others, you’ll become part of a network of people who are also giving back to you.

You’ll become one of the richest people you know.

You’ll have the sense of security you got from your past paycheck-to-paycheck, 40+ hour a week life.  But you’ll also have the time freedom you always dreamed of.  Time to spend with family and friends.  Time to be outside.  Time to play.

How to Begin Now

If your dream is transformative travel, read 9 Good Reasons to Travel.  Or head over to Travel Secrets to get planning.

If your dream is just to stop the endless cycle of beating a path between your front door and your desk, paying off debt, paying bills, doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, maintaining your home and belongings, maybe taking care of your health, and consuming media, restaurant food, booze, and material possession for fun… yes!  You can do it!

First you need inspiration, then you need an action plan. 

The courage to live outside our cultural default  – a permanent cycle of consumption and exhaustion in exchange for a sense of security –  is challenging to maintain in the face of the same patterns, people, and places that have always surrounded you.

Break the mold.  Check out Tools To Become Fearless & Unstoppable.

tranformative travel and personal growth blog half the clothes wants you to start road begin journey

What The Site Isn’t

Some folks dreaming of Italian villas or Thailand’s beaches have only consumptive travel in mind.  There are PLENTY of other travel blogs about that out there.  If you’re just wanting to smash through your bucket list so you can have a trophy collection of experiences, I’m not your gal.

  • Half the Clothes is not a travel blog about me.  It’s a transformative travel and personal development site about you!  It’s a collection of stories to make you smile, laugh, and give a sigh of relief that it didn’t happen to you!
  • Half the Clothes is also not anti-40-hour-work-weeks.  A solid group of folks in this world thoroughly enjoy their 40, 50, 60, 70 hour a week existence.  They would never call what they do “the daily grind.”  I used to trade my time for money at a rate of 50 to 80 hours per week.  Now, I still spend forty to sixty hours a week focused on responsibilities to others and love my life.  Forty hours is only a problem when what you’re doing drains you of energy to do anything else.
  • Half the Clothes is not a website designed to make the author money.  I see plenty of sites and blogs with sponsored content many site owners see as a fact of life.  Here’s Why I (Mostly) Say No To Sponsored Posts.   I agree with Wandering Earl: “offering up B.S. doesn’t help anyone.  My goal is to help you, not to get a company to see me as the perfect traveler to peddle their wares to the masses salivating with envy as the read about my global exploits.”

Why “Half the Clothes?”

When I started the site, I read through travel quotes looking for domain-name ideas.  I loved Susan Heller’s advice:

transformative travel blog half the clothes wants you to budget minimalist travel to achieve change as show by quote susan heller when preparing to travel lay out all your clothes and all your money. then take half the clothes and twice the money quote

Long before I watched Fight Club and heard Tyler Durden say “the things you own end up owning you,” I’d been wary of the amount of emotional and mental space we donate to stuff.

It was pretty easy for me to prioritize Ms. Heller’s packing advice when I hit the road.

Traveling with minimal possessions opens the traveler up to amazing experiences.  I knew it intuitively, have experienced it first-hand, and spent weeks in sweltering internet cafes writing an insanely detailed packing list to make sure other travelers have the same opportunities.

When you take ‘half the clothes’, you’re worrying less about yourself and your needs.  You’re able to go with the flow, seeing bumps in the road as opportunities.  ‘Half the clothes’ inspires an outward focus that allows you to experience the depth and richness of community.  Community – a sense of fellowship and connection – is why many people long to travel in the first place.

transformative travel always leads you to valuing community says transformative travel blog Half the Clothes

I know after years of continuous travel that the ‘half the clothes’ mentality applies both at home and abroad.  The ‘half the clothes’ lifestyle makes it possible for you to have the richest existence imaginable and to share your spoils with those around you – whether you’re on the road or deeply rooted in once place. ♣

Like What You See?!

Whether you’re interested in transformative travel or personal growth at home, be sure to get onboard with my top life-hack: free flights!

If you’ve got questions, you can contact me.

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Happy Traveling! ♣