What Does it Cost to Travel Around the World?


what does it cost to travel around the world


The Real Answer:

A trip around the world costs what you have to spend.


Most people, when asking how much it costs to travel around the world, really want to know…

“What’s the bottom end of the ‘normal’ travel zone?” 

Normal travel is the kind of travel you do on a ten day trip to Italy where you move to a new city every few days, stay in gorgeous villas, eat sumptuous pasta in restaurants overlooking plazas with beautiful fountains, and bustle between places you’ve seen in movies or read about for years.

“Normal” travel is NOT: ‘wasting’ time hanging out at a park reading a book all day, spending half those ten days helping a farmer weed their family garden, and ‘wasting’ a sleepless night at a train station to save on hotel costs.

how much does it cost to travel around the world for a year - a lot if you travel normally!

Herding sheep for an Italian farmer? Not normal travel!

Since most people tend to think first about “normal” travel, let’s talk about the rock bottom cost of a trip around the world done in a normal, familiar way.  That means sleeping in the cheapest bed you can find each night, eating the cheapest food possible, and visiting free or cheap tourist attractions.

2016 Travel Costs

Below you’ll find the bottom end of a “normal” travel budget aI used budgetyourtrip.com‘s calculators to find the cost to travel in each of the countries listed.  I checked countries I’m familiar with and found them accurate.  You can click the country links here and then use the site’s drop-downs to see information in your own currency.  Hope this helps you estimate your cost to travel around the world! in a handful of countries on various continents.





Indian Subcontinent

Middle East

North America

(For what it’s worth – I think the U.S. number is inaccurate.  It is absolutely not more expensive than Sweden or Switzerland.)


  • Fiji – $40 USD per day

South America


Remember these figures are for “normal” budget travel.  There are other options!

Not only is “normal” travel relatively expensive, but it can also really suck.


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Happy Traveling! ♣


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