9 Good Reasons to Travel the World

As a travel blogger, I’m conflicted.

Travel has the power to change the world.  But also to destroy it.    

Fossil fuel consumption and economy destabilization aside, I cringe to know  that among  the thousands of folks  reading my popular packing list, travel insurance warnings, etc., some are “bad” travelers.  Traveling for “bad” reasons.

These peeps  range from selfish bros psyched to visit  a country where they can get wasted for $10 a day to the uninformed tourist shoving a  camera  in the faces of authentic-looking locals and  steaming with indignation about having to pay to volunteer. 1A long and ongoing (offsite) discussion about the potential harm of volunteering is here.

However,  travel  can also be radically beneficial for all involved.

transformational top travel blog half the clothes explains 9 good reasons to travel the world

Travel’s greatest value is transformation.  2In my eyes, at least!

The types of personal and  political change ignited by slow travel radiate outward, producing a butterfly effect  of positivity.

So what are some good reasons to travel?

good reason to travel is hit the reset button says budget travel blog author Jema Patterson

Travel allows you to hit the reset button, leaving cultural expectations behind and muting the cues that keep you in your thought/action routines.  When said patterns are negative for you (and therefore everyone around you), breaking them creates a trickle-down effect of awesomeness.

a good reason to travel is autonomy says budget travel blog half the clothes

Travel gives you time-freedom. Once you’ve experienced daily autonomy, you value it enough to have the courage to keep doing it. In the face of a culture that praises 60-hour work weeks, said audacity is priceless.

budget travel blog half the clothes says momentum is a good reason to travel

The excitement of new experiences brings momentum to your life, which trickles outward to community around you.

growth is a great reason to travel says budget travel blog half the clothes

Travel is fertile ground to focus on new habits or pursuits you’ve intended to start for years – meditating daily, keeping a budget log, reading, learning, etc.  The positive effects of such activities have been heavily documented, and they fill you with energy that you ultimately pass on to others.

budget travel blog half the clothes thinks you should travel now - time is running out

You aren’t getting any younger.   Putting off transformation is as silly as putting off healthy eating or spending time with loved ones.  Look out for the tomorrow that never comes!

travel is investing in yourself says budget travel blog half the clothes

Travel is investing in yourself. The personal growth it catalyzes is a big resume booster… if you find you still care about resumes when you finish traveling!

a good reason is to travel is that dreams become regrets

Travel helps you avoid  Randy Komisar’s “greatest risk” – spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you’ll be able to buy yourself the freedom to do it later.  Even worse, when later finally comes, many find they’ve outgrown their dreams and are largely tending a garden of regrets.

a good reason to slow travel is to build your identity capital

Travel builds your identity capital – the currency we use to metaphorically purchase jobs and relationships. Identity capital is the key to a successful life as explained in Meg Jay’s excellent TED talk.

brain growth nuerogenisis is a good reason to travel

Novel environments trigger neurogenesis. Travel is one novel environment after another. It’s like taking your brain to the gym every single day.  And I presume you will use your stronger (and happier?!) brain to make a difference in the world!

If you’re ready to plan a  transformational trip, check out:


Happy Traveling!  â™£

Want to travel the world?  

Which of these reasons fit you?

Tell us in the comments!


1 A long and ongoing (offsite) discussion about the potential harm of volunteering is here.
2 In my eyes, at least!


  • July 20, 2016 at 8:09 pm

    Very inspiring ✈️

  • July 1, 2016 at 11:45 pm

    Great reasons to travel!

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