Best (and Worst) House Sitting Websites

When figuring out how to become a house sitter, the most confusing and stressful part is sorting through house sitting website reviews to predict which will be the best house sitting website.

The Secret?

The best house sitting website is the one that has the house sitting job you want!

In How to Become a House Sitter, I explain why I recommend thinking about house sitting jobs from that angle first.

However, if you’re waffling between one house sitting website and another, maybe my thoughts on the best (and worst!) house sitting websites will help:

International House Sitting Website Reviews


While the interface won’t wow you, it’s my favorite international house sitting website!

$50 per year.

The Good: House Carers is an industry veteran launched when the internet was still just a baby.  They’re honest, fair, and have a large, established history.  While their interface isn’t as intuitive as it could be, they still dot all their i’s and cross their t’s.  Their membership price is fair, they have the second best sorting function and ad previews (after House Sitters America), and are friendly to homeowners (so more house sits!).  I’ve always found at least one house sitting job that suited my location and schedule on their platform, and have booked more house sits with them than any other international house sitting website.

The Ugly:  Upgrading a user interface that’s seen nearly every design iteration of the online era isn’t easy.  I’ve had to click around a bit to find what I wanted at times, but I guess that could be user error – haha.  Aside from that, my House Carers review is all positive!

Mind my House

This international website doesn’t have quite as many listings, but the price makes it worth a look!

$20 per year

The Good: While not quite as established as House Carers, they’ve been around longer than Trusted Housesitters.  Mind my House has great pricing, and a modern, user friendly interface.  They’re home-owner friendly, which improves their listing ratio.

The Ugly:  They are still growing, and I’ve read mixed Mind My House reviews.  Some say the site has been great for them, others complain homeowner listings weren’t up-to-date, appearing available when they aren’t.  Bottom line:  If the site has a sit you’re interested in, $20 isn’t too steep a gamble to make in attempt to connect with your ideal house sitting job!

Trusted Housesitters

This international site is sometimes called the market leader, but it’s not my favorite.

$100 per year, $75 for 3 months

The Good: At least for now, they’ve got name brand recognition.  Their site design is prettier than more established, older sites.  That’s about the extent of the good things I have to say in my Trusted Housesitters review.

The Ugly:  To me, these guys are the gangsters of the house sitting websites.  Double the average industry price?!  For an email harassment program and nickel-and-diming price structure that doesn’t serve the community?!  They artificially inflate the number of available housesits by allowing homeowners to make “I’ll need a housesitter someday” profiles.  Their ad previews are unhelpful and waste lots of time.  They don’t allow result sorting, which leads me to assume aperhaps incorrectly they’re using an algorithm somehow designed to maximize their profit at the expense of users.  Their read-receipts in their messaging system create awkward situations or require extra back-and-forth.  Finally, I think Trusted Housesitters is digging their own grave by charging homeowners to list their sits.  Lucky for us, I suspect home owners will continue turning to more community-minded platforms (essentially every other house sitting website).

Why are there so many gushing Trusted Housesitters reviews?  Because they have a great business model – giving a cut of their insane membership fee to people who get you to sign up.  I’d probably make a lot more money if I lied through my teeth and claimed my Trusted Housesitters experience has been amazing and totally worth the ridiculous membership fee.  I stand by my maxim: like all house sitting websites, it’s only worth it if it lists a housesitting job you want.  If this is you, feel free to help fund honest reviews by using this sign-up link – it costs you nothing extra!

You’ll find some international listings on regional-leaning sites like Nomador (click to jump to my review)

Other international sites:

Luxury Housesitting  – international, reviews generally lackluster.  $25 a year.
Caretaker Gazette  – international, requires patience for outmoded and inefficient distribution system.  $30 a year.
Working Couples – international, more like jobs that include accommodation, $48 a year ($12 quarter) or $5 a month.
Senior Sits – international, actually just a front for House Carers to appeal directly to seniors.  “Free” but really $45-$55/year.
Sabbatical Homes – international, home owners pay to advertise their homes available for rent.  If you don’t have an academic affiliation, the cost is $20 to list yourself as a possible tenant, plus the cost of renting the home.

international house sitting jobs and long term house sitting jobs almost always require taking care of pets - like this cute kitty!

Most house sitting jobs involve giving love to furred, finned, or feathered creatures. photo Eddy Van 3000

Location Specific House Sitting Website Reviews

House Sitters America 

Hands-down my favorite USA house sitting website.

$30 a year.

The Good: Fair membership price, best search function, best sorting function, best ad previews, no strong-arming, friendly to homeowners (so more house sits!)

The Ugly:  Their number of house sitting jobs is is still rising as more people discover this awesome platform.  The silver lining, for house sitters, is lower competition than on house sitting services like Trusted Housesitters.

HouseSit Match 

A small, mostly European site based in the UK.

$50 USD a year.

The Good: Their site is prettier than some of their competitors.  They’re owner-friendly.  They’ve got the same silver lining as any newer site – less competition from other house sitters.  That’s about all for HouseSit Match review positives.

The Ugly:  Their search functionality isn’t awesome.  And one can’t ignore the big price tag for the small number of house sitting job listings.  But as I’ve said before, your ideal house sitting job could be on any platform.  It’s worth signing up if you see a house sitting job you want on here.

Aussie House Sitters

A wildly popular site in Australia.  Had fantastic experiences.

$47 USD a year

The Good: This site is a gold mine of opportunities for a very fair price.  Every time I looked for a sit, dozens of opportunities that suited my location and schedule presented themselves.  Designed by the team behind House Sitters America, so the site has the same awesome search function, great sorting function, time-saving ad previews, fair approach, and homeowner friendliness (so more house sitting jobs!).

The Ugly:  I can’t think of a single negative thing to say in my Aussie House Sitters Review.  I recommend this site to anyone wanting a house sitting job in Australia.  And guess how much I get paid to say that.  $0.  Nothing!


Mostly in France, but their sitter-friendly model might earn them increasing international market share.

Free for first 3 contacts, $35 for 3 months, $89 year.

The Good: This site’s popularity is skyrocketing among sitters due to it’s free “discovery” option.  Their website design is modern, as opposed to certain industry leader’s archaic platforms.  I wish I had more positive things to say in my Nomador review, because I love the intention behind their model.

The Ugly:  For each of the house sitting jobs listed, there are 1,000 registered sitters.  Yikes!  Their search functionality is as mediocre as everyone else’s, save House Sitters America and Aussie House Sitters.  Until they do more to increase the number of house sitting jobs, I wouldn’t put this site at the top of your list.


A USA site with a focus on pet care that sometimes includes house sitting.

Cost is 15% of the fees you charge pet owners.

The Good: Who doesn’t love the idea of getting paid for house sitting?!  If you haven’t read How to Become a House Sitter, maybe you don’t know that most house sitting jobs are done on a trade basis.  Their space, heat, internet, car, garbage service, gas, and electricity in exchange for the time it takes you to live their life for them.

The Ugly:  Unlike proper house sitting websites, doesn’t allow you to search opportunities.  You need to wait for pet/home owners to come to you.  You sort of need to be based in a single U.S. city to utilize this quasi house sitting website.

Other location-specific house sitting websites:

Don’t forget to check out the local version of Craigslist wherever you go.  Here are more sites for countries where house sitting is a long standing tradition:

United Kingdom:
House Sitters UK  – run by the awesome folks behind House Sitters America.  $22 a year.
Housem8 – UK based, some international.  $0 because it encourages use of a smart matching system vs. personal contact.

Easy House Sitting  – new site, $0 until they have more sits to offer.
Mind a Home – $49 AUD a year
Australian House Sitter –  $30 AUD a year
House Sitters Australia –  $15 AUD a year
Happy House Sitters –  $69 AUD a year, $59 4 mo.

New Zealand:
Kiwi House Sitters – run by the awesome folks behind House Sitters America.  $65 NZD a year.
Town & Country Home Sit – more job, less house sitting.  Like Rover, charges homeowners, assuming they pay you a portion of the fee.
HomeSit – more job, less house sitting.  Like Rover, charges homeowners, assuming they pay you a portion of the fee.

House Sitters Canada – run by the wonderful House Sitters America people, albeit with a different look.  They site it new (2017), so membership is free while they grow their base.

I hope these house sitting website reviews help you find the house sitting job of your dreams – no matter which website you choose.

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