Postcard Academy Shownotes

I loved getting to talk with Postcard Academy’s podcast host Sarah – she is a funny, smart, thoughtful badass!

Here are some of the links to the many things referenced in our conversation.

My Weird Self

House Sitting Info

House Sitting Websites

Overrated House Sitting Websites

  • Trusted House Sitters – if they have a sit I want, I pay the fee.   But it’s the last place I look.
  • – sitters are getting spammed!

House Sitters & Their Personal Websites

My Home-owner’s Departure Checklist

    • Day to day operations
      • Pets
      • Plants
      • Mail
      • Home security
      • Heat/ac
      • Tour (kitchen/living room/closets)
        • I don’t like to dig
      • Quirks — appliances, leaks
      • Cleaning supplies
      • WIFI LIMIT?!
    • How to deal with emergencies
      • Vets
      • Past lost pet experience
      • Utilities shut off/fire ext.
      • 000 111 911?
      • Info about their trip
      • Emergency contacts
      • Authorized contractors

Other Free or Cheap Accommodation

Travel Tips

  • My infamous packing list
  • My thoughts on travel insurance – do you need it?
  • Insure My Trip – the travel insurance company I use for short trips.
  • World Nomads – the travel insurance company I use for longer trips or when I need really quality insurance for things like mountaineering.

My 2018 resolution to “Quit” instead of begin.
Crazy-hippie bathroom toiletries tricks.
The House Sitting Legends podcast