Happy Birthday to Me!

I’ve decided I’m going to welcome the big 3-0 with fanfare. I plan to throw the second biggest friend-reunion of my life (hopefully the first will be my Wyoming wedding). Should we do Vegas because it’s fun and people could get there cheaply?   An enormous cabin in the woods near Portland where many of my friends are based because that’s more “me”?   For sure, amigos mios, mark your calendars.

I decided I wanted a re-do of my 29th about six days before it arrived. It dawned on me, during the many hours spent resting the ripped ligaments in my ankle that this year’s festivities would never mushroom to grand proportions. a) we’re in the Philippines. We as in 1 + 1 =2. Two is only a party in Shania Twain’s world. b) I realized our flight was booked for the morning after said celebration would be taking place. And by morning, I mean a get up at 4 a.m. kind of morning. c) I realized we’d need to travel the day before my birthday as well since I was recovering from my ankle bomb on an island – not the city of our flight departure. d) my ankle still wasn’t strong enough to walk long distances or hold my entire body weight for longer than half a second.

But this is not a whiny treatise about my birthday sucking. It didn’t. I slept in. I ate delicious tropical fruit. I got a Korean massage. The star sprinkled sky and warm breezy evening were heavenly. I went to the fancy-pants-feels-like-southern-California-outdoor-commercial complex and ate so much sushi I could barely move. And then ordered one of my favorite desserts — fried bananas, ice cream, and chocolate. (Try this and you will kiss me in thanks.) But I still want a full-blown princess day. Without travel demands before or after. And it should end with late-night karaoke. (Ahem… wink, wink, nudge, nudge, man friend).

Pat said he’ll give me a re-do. Maybe when we finally rent our first (and last?) Southeast Asian apartment?   You are invited,by the way! (If I know you. Or, if you convince me you’d be fun to have sleeping on my couch). Not sure if this will be in Indonesia or Thailand. Maybe both. It will definitely happen somewhere between March and May 2012. Traveling is awesome, but everyone needs a break from the activity that generally consumes one’s waking hours. And we both know the day will soon come that we will just want to spend a several weeks settled – sitting at home and watching movies and eating popcorn. And having responsibilities to other people. Like low-paying internet jobs. Or English tutoring. We’re open to ideas. And assignments! ♣

Click for cocks in a box, halo-halo, and three other photos.


  • January 19, 2012 at 11:37 pm

    I’m in for Vegas or Oregon!!! This will be interesting since we’re suppose to also have a BIG BANG Christmas with all the family!!! And ahem…..those who plan will remember the “late night karaoke” 🙂 🙂 🙂 We’ll be around for the post-29th celebration you mentioned from March to May 2012….is that one of our fun nights????

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