Lost in Translations: well-meaning hilarity

Although we haven’t been in Indonesia long, I’ve glimpsed a few bits of English worth a chuckle:

  • Want to know what’s in this package of “Snack Indonesia?” Listed under the heading Komposi: Various Ingredients.” Oh. How illuminating.
  • Ladies and Gentle, Boys and Girls, may I draw your attention to…

    Favorite toilet sign: advertises services for “Ladies & Gentle.”

  • Favorite menu description: “A traditional style dish of intoxicatingly glass noodle accompanied on your choice of shrimp and sausage.”
  • Favorite restaurant name: “Tahu Bum.” Knowing only the translation for the first word, in my brain this place is called, “Tofu Butt.”
  • What are the applications for this Strawberry Soda? The back of the can explains: “For fresh.”
  • Hungry? Have some rice crackers. What flavor? How about “Snow?”
  • Second place for favorite menu description:  “Clear of vegetable soup — a healthy clear soup for vegetarian.” Let the record reflect that  “Clear of vegetable soup” is pretty tasty.
  • Heard on the streets:  “Hello-yes-please!” Meaning: “Come into our restaurant!”
  • Finally, a sign in the waiting room of the local health clinic didn’t exactly engender confidence: “Customer!! We Cannot tell S ccess without U!”


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