Housekeeping 2017

Here are things that I usually only share with the email tribe, but:

  1. Some of it is too cool not to post for everyone.
  2. For stupid SEO reasons, I need a place to put some links to some of the many things I’ve been up to.

Cool Thing #1

A family is looking for a homeschooling nanny to travel the world with them – all travel, accommodation, and food paid, plus a salary of $1200-$1500 a month.  I would have jumped at this opportunity not so many years ago.  Now, I’m well past my prime of being able to handle something this wild, and I’m too much of an introvert to spend more than 30% of each day with people.  But you.  YOU might be a perfect fit!  Check out their invitation video:

Or check out their site for more info.

Or if nannying isn’t your cup of tea, but you’d love to work and travel the world, check out:
26 Jobs to Do While Traveling the World.

Cool Thing #2

5 Retirement Savings Tips for Permanent Travelers.

It’s a guest post from Rob – a Half the Clothes reader and the man behind MoneyNomad and InvestmentZen.  He is one of those money-smart people who doesn’t make your eyes immediately bleed with tears of boredom.  He is also a permanent traveler, so he knows what it’s like.  (Right now, he is technically permanent in spirit only – currently sidelined by his wife grabbing a 3 year degree.  But he got himself a travel job while she’s at it.)

Update June 2017: John Miller is a guest poster, too.  Check out:  Travellers Summer Road Trip Checklist

Cool Thing #3

One of my four New Year’s Resolutions  is to learn more about live storytelling, including getting onstage at least once a month.

I’ve got two stories on deck for publishing… just as soon as I’ve performed them.  One is the dirty truth that didn’t make the final cut in this story.  The other is a story I’ve been meaning to get down on paper for years: The Time Three Idiot Teenagers Got Struck By Lightning.


I usually turn down opportunities to review stuff unless I love something fanatically.  (Here’s how that sort of thing works on HalftheClothes.)


Basically, the way people leverage the system disgusts me.  Like Big Pharma reps courting the favor of gatekeepers (aka physicians) with gifts and fancy dinners, the blog world is rife with gatekeepers (bloggers) accepting a bunch of freebies.  Just as the physicians claim to care about their patients while peddling a drug company’s wares in return for freebies, these bloggers also claim to care about their readers while peddling a bunch of crap in return for freebies.

So here’s a rare review from yours truly of the EarthRunners Elemental Running Sandal.  I’ve been a barefoot runner ever since I read Born to Run  while living in a van in New Zealand in 2011.  I was thrilled to be able to try out another “barefoot” option in exchange for saying what I thought of that option.

That’s it!  All other December writing time was consumed travel and with writing and polishing stories for the stage.

Happy Travels!  â™£

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