Photo of the Day: Week 14

I’m a photo short this week, but I didn’t miss a day.  Can you solve the riddle?

Time zone magic!  Boarded a plane in the U.S. on the evening of the 4th, flew 16 hours, landed in OZ the morning of the 6th.  Cray cray!  No photo lesson this week.  Photo a day is still my favorite new year’s resolution.  It’s the easiest and I’m getting exactly what I wanted – more participation in the little things in my life with thoughtful documentation.

April 2:

Thank you for everything Ms. Nicole. For feeding me your amazing Middle Eastern cooking, for the hikes and drives and long talks, for sharing your gorgeous space, for being a breath of fresh air in Tucson, and for the ride to the super-late train. To the future! <3

April 3:

Whoa! My last time getting to see my aunt-uncle-growing-cousins as a one-house unit. Love you guys and glad we conquered all the transportation ridiculousness. Worth it!

April 4:

Spent allll day in the United Lounge, which has the worst food of any airport lounge I’ve been in in the past three years. Ew. But fast wifi. Which I care more about than food. So… happy!

April 6:

Australia packs breakfast cereal into these little bricks. After a 36-hour travel stint, I found this little re-remembered factoid hilarious.

April 7:

My hands-down favorite part of the Great Ocean Road. Sure, the beach was gorgeous. But oh the forest…

April 8:

My first live footie game! Action packed sport – as good as basketball. Better. And not just because of the ladies-love-em uniforms.

Photo Location(s):
Tucson, Arizona
San Bernardino, California
Los Angeles, California
Melbourne, Australia
Great Ocean Road, Australia

Happy Travels!

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