Photo of the Day: Week 17

Had one storytelling adventure sprinkled into a few rainy work and catch-up days in Melbs.

As the patina of being in a new place begins to fade, remembering my daily photo goal requires more awareness.  Had a few near misses, but have yet to just forget.  If I carried a purse or a phone like a normal person, I bet this would happen way less often.  I’m still 1990’s camera world, where you have to remember to bring it.

April 23:

Never seen pigeons nesting in the grass before. Weird! Probably not an Australia thing, but still…

April 24:

Crushing the storytelling goal.  First story in front of an Australian audience, didn’t bomb!

April 25:

Entertainment on my once-a-year movie night – sanding project.  If only I’d found the orbital, could have finished the job.

April 26:

Mexican night abroad is my favorite kind of night!  Aussies said they liked it.  Clean plates = they weren’t fibbing?

April 27:

These two.  Smartest, greatest people ever.  They’re on my top five favorite couples list.  That good.

April 28:

Catching up with a few old friends over amazing pork-everything. Funny how we introverts naturally segregated ourselves.

April 29:

Feels amazing to come back to a place that was once “home.”  Not sure I’d be keen to live here again, but it’s been so fantastic to visit!  #alltheswimming

Photo Location(s):
Melbourne, Australia
Perth, Australia  

Happy Travels!

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