Photo of the Day: Week 19

A week full of countryside makes me…

… so happy!

Photo lesson of the week: it becomes a real challenge to  make progress toward goals when I move too fast.  I knew two days here, two days there, two days another place… would be a bit tiring.  Silly me – I didn’t count on being so exhausted in the aftermath that I’d lose the ability to do anything that wasn’t gardening or laying in bed reading.  I was so catatonic one day this week, I completely failed to take any photo at all while making Mexican food and margaritas for two wonderful gentlemen – one of whom is an eponymous descendant of the local town’s namesake family.

May 7:

I feel incredibly lucky to have gotten in-season weather with my off-season flights. Bikini weather on the cusp of winter? Charmed!  Also – who is going to start making me ginger beer?  I think I could live on this stuff!

May 8:


May 9:

The most fascinating part of my day: finding out that “meat inspector” is an actual job! A woman owning a very swank and very old car does this for a living. On her long list of jobs for the mechanic: incorporate one of these cards cleverly into the dashboard.

May 10:

Full moon and a stunning moonrise?! Thank you, Ambergate.  (Oh – the moon is peeking through the tallest tree.)

May 11:

The swankest massage of my life. Thank you (amazing) Grace! Thank you Jenny!

May 12:

Pink ladies ready for yoga out in the cottage. The farm granddaughter has become camera shy, so I tried making her the photographer. It kind of worked… she looked at the camera!

May 13:

Chickens needed oiling to get rid of mites. What a mission!

Photo Location(s):

Bunbury, Australia
Busselton, Australia
Ambergate, Australia
Roelands, Australia

Happy Travels!

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