Photo of the Day: Week 20

I was only breaking the law in one of these photos.

Goodbye Australia, hello Idaho!

Photo lesson of the week:  hmm… I feel like I’m finally in the habit of noticing things, which was the whole point of  goal #3.  Don’t worry.  I’m not about to let down my guard.

May 14:

Last full day in Western Australia!

May 15:

House construction in Australia always fascinates me.  Those red bricks will eventually match the second story.

May 16:

Last day in Melbourne, this building in Flemington caught my eye.

May 17:

Whoa.  Brilliant.  Handwashing in the middle, dryer in the wings.  At the airport, no less.

May 18:

My friends have the best backyard.  Especially for raising kids!

May 19:

This gas station had beer on tap.  AND KOMBUCHA ON TAP!

May 20:

Camping in the mountains = happy Jema!

Photo Location(s):

Roelands Quarry, Australia
Perth, Australia
Melbourne, Australia
Boise, Idaho – USA
Horsethief Lake, Idaho – USA

Happy Travels!

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