Photo of the Day: Week 21

There’s something you can’t see in each of these photos.

A lack of oxygen!  It’s amazing to be back in the west, but my daily runs haven’t been easy as my hemoglobin climbs up to the 3,000 feet level.

I missed a photo this week.  It was the day that moving between continents and time zones and a weekend with people, people, people finally caught up with me.  I think it might have been the night my friends’ daughter finally touched a snake?

Observation of the week – all the rotating and re-sizing and formatting it takes to do these posts is getting kind of old.  Not quite halfway there!

May 21:

Sagebrush + pine tress = my happy place!

May 22:


May 23:

Post swimming coffee and “coffee” before the nature center exploration!

May 24:

As a skinny dipper, I vote we institute this rule globally.

May 25:

Clams and delicious brews and Flash & only one creeper.  Not pictured: #glutenregrets

May 26:

Training for Alaska Denali hiking and swinging with my favorite toddler-ette all at the same time!

May 27:

The main reason I’m moving to Boise?  So I can park in a garage with a slide.  (No car, no moving – kidding!)

Photo Location(s):

Horsethief Lake, Idaho – USA
Boise, Idaho – USA

Happy Travels!

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