Photo of the Day – Week 45

My favorite hobby is back on the agenda this week!

Plenty of food and family again, but I also got to hit the open road for a few days!

November 5:

I can’t believe it’s warm enough to take my nephews to an outdoor swimming pool… in November!

November 6:

The last four weeks of my life have involved lots of chauffering my nephew to baseball practice and games.   He got to play catcher in the last bout of the season, and he loved it!   (Sorry it’s upside down, the photo editor shows it fixed. Sorry, also, about the photo quality.   A friend is giving me a better [phone] camera soon – can’t wait!)

November 7:

Almost done making my first-ever batch of boozy ginger beer – the kind I fell in love with in Australia.   It’s difficult to find in the U.S., and expensive no matter where you buy it.   Let’s hope my investment pays off!   My mouth is watering just thinking about it.   Bring on some day-drinking!

November 8:

The 8th was a super-busy work day, in which I accomplished a zillion things… including the afternoon milk-run.   I’m so grateful I can get fresh milk whenever I’m in Arizona!

November 9:

A wonderful university-friend of mine came to town.   We spent a lovely afternoon and evening showing him around Tucson and discovered a new sushi place, complete with flamboyant ambiance.

November 10:

After coming to Tucson for eleven years, I finally made it to the revered Kartchner Caverns.   Their landscaping had an agave in a stage I’ve also never seen in my eleven years of desert exposure.

November 11:

My uni-friend found a closed-to-the-public canyon that gives tours twice a month.   The old ranch fences and outbuildings at the entrance were a cool slice of history.   If you like living remotely and want to spend at-least-the-winter in a warm place, they’re looking for a canyon caretaker to live rent free!

Photo Location(s):

Tucson, Arizona – USA
Kartchner Caverns – USA
Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge – USA

Happy Travels!

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