Travel Perks Industry Going Bonkers

I’m seeing American airlines and credit card companies react to COVID by making it ever-more lucrative to be their customer/loyal fan.   In my opinion, the best deals right now are with Chase — two cards, specifically:

For earning cashback OR travel points:

Chase just made their Freedom Unlimited even more worthwhile.   You still pay no annual fee, earn 20,000 bonus points after spending $500 in 3 months, earn 1.5 points per dollar (one of the best offers available, translates to 1.5% cash back).   But now, they’ve increased point-earning opportunities to double points on drugstores, dining and delivery and more than triple points-earning on travel AND GROCERIES!

If nothing else, this is basically a 5% discount on groceries and 3% discount on all takeout food you order!

To stockpile maximum travel benefits:

Chase Sapphire Preferred is still the best thing to have.   Currently a wild 80,000 point initial bonus (the highest I’ve ever seen it) and still double points on travel and dining.  If you can meet the minimum spend ($4,000 in 3 months), it gives you the most point-use flexibility. You can redeem your 80,000 points for travel spending on the card, but you can also transfer the points and use them in a frequent flyer or hotel program.

I’ve written lots about the free-flights and/or points-earning world, if you want more details.

Happy Perk Collecting! ♣

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