About Me – III

woman on sailboat at dock, mountains in background

(Re)learning to sail a drop-keel in a windtunnel. Fun!

Half the Clothes’ author grew up being ridiculous on the high plains of Wyoming and frolicking in America’s Rocky Mountains.

She has since crossed 29 45 international borders, spent 5  7+ years traveling, and written nearly 350 450 stories and articles – mostly self-indulgent.

After bookstores and farmers’ markets, learning is her weakness.  She can’t resist a new skill.  As a result, she’s held more than 26 jobs, many simultaneously.  This causes some people to describe her as an over-achieving workaholic, but really it’s an inability to  resist the euphoria  of new knowledge.   Although she has a goal to never work again, short-term jobs that teach her something are an exception.

She’s never seen a data set that wouldn’t look good in a spreadsheet, she notoriously stays up well past her bedtime, and she’s still waiting to  noodle a catfish.

Her father named her after the KOTA Territory News journalist Gemma Lockhart.  The author did not have any say in the matter,  but  eventually came to terms with having a “weird” name.

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June 2015

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