Blogging is No Easier Than Being a Stripper

Let’s have quick metaphor:

Being a stripper must be easy, right?

A few hours of  standing up on stage wiggling her butt and she’s got more  money than I made in a week as a rafting guide when I was an idiot teenager.

stripper actually wearing half the clothes - ha!

All she does is peel off her tshirt and rake in the cash, hey?  photo: pixabay

Oh, but she also spends hours at the gym and practicing tricks.

And I guess there’s also time in salons getting body hair zapped and yanked and afternoons at the hairstylist.

Oh, and the hundreds and hundreds of dollars for shoes, g-strings, makeup, and props.

Oh yeah, and never getting to do nights-and-weekends things with friends and family.

Oh, and the times  the joint remains empty for most her shift and she makes nothing.

And the raunchy patrons who don’t treat dancers like humans.

Blogging is kind of like that.

Most people assume you just sit around writing stuff, click a button, and the cash comes rolling in. Far from it. Very far.

I’m fond of saying that running a website is only 5% writing, and 95% learning to use new technology, learning to play by internet rules, and of course wearing all the hats a small business owner always does.

What running a website is really like... from Half the Clothes. Hint: it's no easier than being a stripper!

If you’ve got the passion, then running a website is a reward in itself. For at least a year, they say to expect it to be the only reward you get! If you can handle  being poor for 1,000 days, website entrepreneurship just might be for you.   Do you have a Travel Blogger Personality?

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Happy Travels!  ♣