U.S. – 2010

I am about to have the best summer of my adult life!   I “retired” from my job and am about to spend the next four months visiting friends and family, camping, backpacking, and attending weddings.

The broad ideas about Summer 2010 are:

* a) make good on four-year-old promises to visit West Coast friends
* b) see my lovely nephews (and their families 😉
* c) enjoy the great outdoors with a pack on my back
* d) attend the weddings of three best friends

None of these are mutually exclusive, and the details for many have already started to take shape.   I’m excited for all the adventures that make their way into the left over space!

As for money –

* Yes, I will live on a shoe-string and at times eat nothing but bananas and peanut butter for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

* Yes, I recognize that I will still have to, at some point, trade my time for money.

* Yes, I like writing and would prefer to get hooked up with freelance connections and/or be paid for writing about my adventures.   According to people who have actually done this, it takes more time and focus than I am willing to sacrifice at this point.   But if you know anyone…

Failing that, it is still wonderful to have this as a tool to keep in touch with you all and record memories – my most prized and elusive possesion.

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As is the nature of blogs, the newest entry (last entry from the trip) appears first.   If you want to read from the beginning, you’ll have to navigate your way to the bottom of the stack and work back up.   Maybe someday I’ll get savvy and make archives appear a bit more logically.


Summer 2010 was awesome.   Getting to see many good friends get married, spending more time with friends and family than I probably ever will (at once) again…   Seeing lots of U.S. countryside… and I’m slowly learning to say more with fewer words. 🙂

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