Philippines – 2011

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I’ve always wanted to visit the Philippines.   Mysterious country floating somewhere out in the Pacific, recommended highly by a mature female traveler, country of my Great Uncle’s military service and adventures…

After New Zealand I was ready for some cheaper, more challenging adventures! And SE Asia was on our list.   And since the Philippines aren’t really on the way to anywhere, we decided to cross it off the list of dream countries straight away.

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As is the nature of blogs, the newest entry (last entry from the trip) appears first.   If you want to read from the beginning, you’ll have to navigate your way to the bottom of the stack and work back up.   Maybe someday I’ll get savvy and make archives appear a bit more logically. 🙂


The Philippines was fantastic.   I made incredible friends and had some of the best moments of my life.   That the trip arrived on the heels of my first first-world travel experience, and that Pat and I parted ways immediately fueled much personal growth – and an enduring bond with the attached places and people.   I’m good at complaining, plus it makes a better story… so you might not gather from my entries that I actually totally love the Philippines.   Supposedly it’s not as cheap as other SE Asian countries.   I say it is if you’re really committed to your budget.   You won’t get quite as much for your money, but if that’s your concern, stick to the main trails of Thailand and highlights of its neighboring countries.   The food has a reputation for a reason. Depending on where culinary enjoyment ranks in your priorities, you’ll either be fine or you’ll spend extra money on pizza and pasta all the time.   For all the English spoken and the omnipresence of western chains, you’ll be hard pressed to see many other (non-Asian) tourists – especially away from stereotypical spots.   Which I value.   Seems like it exponentially increases your chances of cultural immersion.   Need more inspiration?   Email me!

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