Thailand – 2012

Returning to Thailand with Pat has been on my bucket list since originally visiting the country without him in 2008.   As is often the case with SE Asian travelers, we’ll be hopping in and out of a handful of countries.   I reasoned that those wanting to dig through archives will probably be strangers looking for country specific information.   Therefore, I’ve decided to start organizing by country, rather than various organic methods used in the past.   However, that means that sometimes there will be gaps of several weeks or months between entries having to do with Thailand.

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As is the nature of blogs, the newest entry (last entry from the trip) appears first.   If you want to read from the beginning, you’ll have to navigate your way to the bottom of the stack and work back up.   Maybe someday I’ll get savvy and make archives appear a bit more logically. 🙂   If you’re here looking for opinions or advice, grab my contact info from the Snail Mail tab.   I’m happy to answer any questions!


Thailand was great this time around!   Things have changed, but mostly for the better.   Prices, by and large, have changed little.   The Thai standard of living is improving.   The food was still amazing, the locals were still full of smiles, the English is just as happily horrible as ever.   Comparing it to its neighbors, it easily gets my vote for best SE Asian country in terms of culture, comfort, and fun!

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