30 Travel Hacks to Level-Up Your Global Adventures

You could spend over  a decade of time and hundreds of thousands of global miles traveling around the world learning these travel hacks.

Or you could just read this page and level up your adventures from Day One!

You have my procrastination to thank for the fact that the actual count here will be inaccurate for all but a few weeks of this page’s existence.  This is a living document that I update as I discover new hacks on the road.  Or as readers (you!) write in with a secret to share.

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1. Sleep for Free – there are so many great free sleeping networks out there that will enhance your travel experiences in ways you’ve never dreamed
2.  Stop Wasting Baggage Space on Toiletries  – becoming a hippie will now score you serious extra luggage room!
3.  Maintain  Amazon Privileges  – finally you no longer have  to inconvenience your hosts or give up access to internet shopping.
4. Don’t Screw Up Calls Home – I can’t tell you how many phone-call-fails I had when I confidently juggled time zone days and times in my head.  There are apps and built-in phone software, but I like this website.

top slow travel blog half the clothes recommends sleeping for free when you travel as much as possible - and not to save money!

Sleeping for free has led to the best travel experiences and most memorable global moments of my life. photo: pixabay

5. Stay Supple – Travel can be just as hard on your body as desk-jockeying, driving, heavy lifting, etc.  Do yourself a favor.  Learn to use a lacrosse ball for myofascial release.  It takes up a tiny bit of space and is like an on-demand masseuse.  Worth every penny.

Air Travel

6. Fly for Free  – please at least earn yourself two free flights.  When you see how easy it is, I bet you get addicted to always flying for free… just like me!
7. Let Flight Flexibility Save You Thou$ands (and some sanity) – picking a destination can be a nerve-wracking endeavor full of FOMO and anxiety about making the “right” decision.  What if you basically tossed a dart at a map full of unbelievably affordable destinations and ended up having the time of your life in a place you’d never considered?!

30 Travel Hacks to Level Up Your Adventure - top slow travel blog half the clothes challenges you to being open to whatever the world may have to offer

Making decisions like this isn’t actually as ridiculous as it seems, most data points being arbitrary anyway…  photo: pixabay

8. Buy Flights as You Go – the sense of security one gets from booking everything in advance is very alluring.  But it’s usually false security and can really take away from your quality of life on your travels.
9.  Stop Standing in Line  – if you’re new to airports, the queues/lines will all just be part of the experience.  But the longer you stand in them, the more ridiculous they seem.  And the longer you’re alive, the more you realize just how short and precious life is… and how time is the most valuable resource in the world.  And then you might be willing to pay a few dollars to skip the lines.

Road Travel

10. Shower at the Gym – there are a few nationwide (and worldwide!) gyms that have showers.  Having a membership will keep you healthy AND clean when you’re living out of a vehicle.  More about vehicle living here.
11. Sleep Peacefully  – finding a spot to park, especially on a budget, can be challenging.  But now that we live in the internet age, there are so many apps and websites to hook you up.  Find free and often beautiful spots to park confidently overnight.

Don’t worry – this post is growing.  Want to help make it the number of hacks promised in the title?  Chime in in the comments!

Happy Travels!  â™£

March 2017