Jeepney Karaoke: the short bus gets a new life

A riddle: 5 Norwegians, 6 Filipinos, 1 American, and a roving karaoke screen = a) an absolute blast, b) a broken camera, or c) both a and b.

The adorable Norwegian couple shares a song and a kiss. Stephen rocks the potentially awkward moment.

Yeah. You guessed. Yes, my camera fell from it’s self-timed perch and the lens would no longer retract. Yes, my judgement was clouded by Boracay rum and San Miguel Pilsen. Yes, I tried many a foggy folly and ultimately guaranteed my camera would never take another photo again. Yes, I had a totally fun night singing at the top of my lungs for three hours with a crowd of enthusiastic Norwegians and Filipinos.

I grew up with music — my grandmother teaching me children’s songs, piano lessons with my mom by my side, choreographing song-and-dance routines to perform anytime the family had guests…. and when we didn’t, I’d just go Broadway for my reflection in the French patio doors. As a teen, long bus trips for school competitions (swimming, speech and debate, DECA…) meant hours of sing-alongs with friends and peers. So a night out on a loudly-painted short bus singing karaoke while traversing the streets of Manila is right up my (ahem…) alley.

Pamela, Adrian, Me, and half of Benj, happy to be singing on the short bus

Thanks to Adrian’s hospitality and kindness (you are amazing!), the aftermath wasn’t as painful as it could of been. He gave me a comfy place to sleep, fed me breakfast, and let me use his shower. We headed to Greenhills in search of camera repair, but I ended up dropping $p4,000 ($100 USD) on a new (on sale!) camera. The mantras I used to bolster a good attitude: 1) It was time. I love photography, and I am constantly noticing the limitations of my two-year old Costco-special. (Which I am VERY grateful to have, Ma and Pa. I never would have bought a digital for myself, and now I don’t want to be without one!) 2) Well, basically, see #1. The zoom, the photo quality, the features… all improve each year. And I’m such a frugal person, I’d never buy or ask for a new camera until the old one went kaputz.

So, after wading through the Saturday Manila Mall Madness, accompanying A to his appropriation of “illegal” Microsoft Office software (you can get ANYTHING here!), and a nice lunch at Cafe France, I turned my sights on the airport. Time to get out of the city! ♣

You, too can see the wild paint job on the karaoke bus AND the last photo my Nikon Coolpix ever took… Click here!


  • December 17, 2011 at 3:56 pm

    Glad you bit the bullet and bought another new and updated camera 🙂 Technology seems to change at the speed of light now days and you take the best pictures ever!!! Can’t hardly wait for Bali!!!! Only 2 1/2 months!!!!

    • December 18, 2011 at 2:18 am

      Thanks, Mom! I’m getting excited, too! Yes… new camera… I think it will be a good thing. Just put the first set on my computer. Have yet to look through them, but I got an extra 4 mega pixels (from 8 to 12 now) and more of my shots have appeared on the LCD how I expected them to. Stay tuned!

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