This Little Travel Site is Growing Up!

After years of answering questions  and publishing more and more travel how-to’s, I realized in 2015 this blog isn’t really about me anymore.

Sure, I post about the mishaps (like that Amsterdam heart-attack) and the joys  of life as a nomad.  And I’ll finish this entry  with a recap of my 2015 travels.

But three years ago, hundreds of people started showing up to get travel advice.  Now thousands of people a month come to learn  what to pack on a RTW trip and how to get free flights.  Hundreds more have started  reading things like  how to sleep for free when traveling  and how  not to get duped by travel insurance.

Since I’m just one of thousands of  folks  hanging out at, it seems fair to spend a bit more time writing stuff that’s important to everyone here.

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2015 Travel Recap: 4 continents, 5 countries, 18 “cities”

It seems fitting to kick off 2016 with a quick run-down of ground covered in  2015.  Here goes!

January: Perth, Australia

tooheys extra dry swimming pool inflatable australia day

Australia Day (the Aussie equivalent of 4th of July) 2015!

February: Perth, Australia

cupcakes fondant decoration rice paper decoration

I took a cupcake class!

March: Perth, Bunbury, Busselton, Australia

whiskey barrels and bare light bulb

A new whiskey distillery opened its doors – yum!

April: Perth, Australia

dog silhouette sunset

House sat an awesome canine in a gorgeous locale…

May: Busselton, Australia; Bangkok, Thailand; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Boliqueime, Portugal

amsterdam houses along canal

A peaceful moment amongst May madness strung across three continents.

June:  Boliqueime, Portugal; Grandola, Portugal; Tucson, USA; Santa Rosa, USA

tough women women at work

Farming in Portugal – June’s highlight

July: Santa Rosa, USA; Cody, USA; Gillette, USA

boy jumping off cliff making a leap taking a chance

Cliff jumping outside Yellowstone National Park with my nephew in July…

August: Gillette, USA; Casper, USA; Glacier National Park, USA

glacier national park summit lodge peak

Summertime in Montana and we managed to find a smoke-free spot to enjoy the incredible wilderness…

September: Omaha, USA; Kansas City, USA

woman on trapeze

Learning trapeze was the highlight of my September Kansas City house sitting!

October: Omaha, USA; New York City, USA; Lyndeborough, USA

bryant park new your city gothic building park by new york library

New York City provided great architectural eye candy!

November:  Lyndeborough, USA

golden tree leaves changing color

Made heaps of great, local friends while house sitting in the New Hampshire woods. Made it time for the famous fall, leaves. Bucket list: check!

December:  Lyndeborough, USA; Maplewood, USA; New York City; USA

tourists new york radio city

Family for the holidays – so lucky and thankful…

That’s it!

I’m kicking off 2016 with a work exchange at a small farm in Vermont and taking acrobatic lessons at an awesome school.  Can’t wait to see what other adventures 2016 brings!

May all your travel dreams come true…

Happy Traveling!  â™£

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