Photo-a-Day: Week 1

A few days ago, I finally got it together to publish my four goals for 2017.

#3 – my photo goal – is about pretending it’s 1990.  

I’m allowing myself a single click per day.  I’m hoping the limitation  forces me to think hard about which of each day’s noteworthy moments most deserves to be captured.  Thinking ahead and selecting a likely photo op and planing to have my camera with me requires a level of awareness that hopefully rubs off on the rest of my life.

January 1:

Desert plants captured by top slow travel blog Half the Clothes author on New Year's Day

The New Year rolled in with rain, which this arid-childhood woman loves! Ain’t nothing like a dark grey sky to fill me with joy and get me in the mood to think, love life, and write.

January 2:

author of top slow travel blog Half the Clothes got off to slow start this year while battling holiday illness

The New Year got off to a slow start for me. All the airplane people brought germs that weaseled their way in through a fortress weakened by the exhaustion of holiday madness. Good think the Yorkie likes to cuddle.

January 3:

Top slow travel blog Half the Clothes author Jema could barely function at the beginning of the new year. Getting sheets on the bed was a full-on accomplishment.

Still battling illness. My biggest accomplishment for the day – finally getting sheets back on the guest bed.

January 4:

this is what your workspace looks like when you are the crazy author who runs top slow travel blog half the clothes. Maybe author Jema slow travels because her life is always going at break neck pace anyway?

This is my chaos. I am the kind of person who just keeps opening new internet tabs, until I have five browser windows and 350 tabs. This is the real-life version of that. Once I set an intention in my mind, I cling. I refuse to acknowledge that maybe I don’t actually have time for something. Nonsense. I have time for everything. Including occasional short-circuit meltdowns from thinking I have time for everything.

January 5:

Performing onstage for the first time in 2017, author of top slow travel blog Half the Clothes talks about a trip in the Philippines when she got trapped on post-hurricane seas with a dreamboat Spanish man

A-la resolution #4, this is my first time on stage in 2017. I thought it went terribly, but the video says otherwise. People laughed, which indicates a listening and interest level required to understand jokes. Being last in a long line of storytellers when your story is good-but-not great… is hard.

January 6:

backyard view from a six-monht location of top slow travel blog Half the Clothes' author

Backyard sunset. I paused to take in the photo-worthy beauty and realized, “Oh sh*t! I haven’t today’s photo yet!”

January 7:

Today I get two photos.  Because… it’s my birthday!

Top slow travel blog Half the Clothes' author Jema celebrates her birthday

Ice cream cake to celebrate another trip around the sun. It was my nephew’s second experience of the Happy Birthday song, and the first in which it wasn’t directed at him. He thinks the song is hilarious, regardless of why it’s being sung.

Birthday dinner cocktail from top slow travel blog Half the Clothes' author

A great new friend set up an action-packed birthday evening that kicked off at a sushi-fusion place. Excellent food. Excellent cocktails. I kept the clothespin.

Photo Location(s): Tucson, Arizona

Happy Travels!


  • February 2, 2017 at 8:35 pm

    This “photo a day” is such a cool project. I don’t have a whole lot of photos on my blog- I don’t particularly like taking photos of me. 😀

    I love the photo of you with the ice cream cake and your nephew. It is cool that you got to spend your bday with family!

    I wonder if my approach to life would be different if my sister had some little ones. I might feel more inclined to stick around here so that I could be the super cool local uncle , but she doesn’t so it’s never really been a major thought exercise….

    • February 2, 2017 at 10:14 pm

      Photo a day has been awesome so far! It gets me to take pictures of things I’d normally feel nerdy about – e.g. my milk & eggs pick up, a haircut… basically anything that isn’t sunsets, landscapes and cute children/animals.

      Kids definitely change things, hey. I’m super thankful to both my sisters for providing littles in my life. 🙂 Any chance of your sister joining the mom world?

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