Photo a Day: Week 4

I feel like a made a million new friends this week.  Which is far more than an introvert can really handle.

I don’t know how I held up while engaging with so many new people.  I guess because so many of them were epic, awesome individuals?

Photo lesson of the week: focus the darn camera.  Ooops.

January 22:

Tob slow travel blog half the clothes found a new favorite quote while couchsurfing

Amen.  My mustache-loving couchsurfing host had a few t-shirt  quilts, and this gem really hit home.  If travel has done me any favors, it has been the development of the courage it takes to make a life.

January 23:

top slow travel blog author saw La La Land at the Alamo Drafthouse while exploring Austin for ten days

La La Land (movie) at an Austin institution – the Alamo Drafthouse. Movies aren’t my thing, but this place is a restaurant-movie theater combo. Fun! And I really needed this film that day.

January 24:

top slow travel blog half the clothes author meets people work exchanging and from a friend of a friend at another work exchange

I met all these amazing individuals thanks to work-exchanging!  The tallest and the shortest were staying with the same host in Austin.  And the other is a friend of a friend who I met at another work exchange in Tucson.  Love it!  Also love: 80 degrees and swimming in January.  Thank you, universe.

January 25:

top slow travel blog half the clothes author learns to weld at the hackerspace in Austin

“Learn to Weld” has been on my bucket list for years.  At my birthday I discovered these shared garages and tool sheds popping up across the nation and offering classes to anyone wanted to upskill in any number of departments.  Thanks to Mobius and ATX Hackerspace, I finally got my wish.  Now I just need to practice, practice, practice.

January 26:

top slow travel blog half the clothes author loves meeting silly, kindred spirits at work exchanges

A woman after my own heart. We packed so many great conversations into so few days. See you this summer, Noemie!

January 27:

top slow travel blog half the clothes author almost left Austin without experience BBQ

I can’t believe I almost left Austin without cracking into some BBQ. Fascinating – they slice the meat to order… sort of like Katz’s in New York. And the whole place was a massive sausage fest… in more ways than one. As a bonus, I got to share the experience with a fellow over-sharing, deep-thinking introvert. Awesome.

January 28:

top slow travel blog half the clothes author picks up meat from a local farmer

Landed in Tucson and twelve hours later I’m picking up a freezer-full of meal-making meat from a local ranch.  With the help of my nephew, of course.  #buylocal #knowyourfarmer

Photo Location(s):
Austin, Texas
Tucson, Arizona

Happy Travels!

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