Photo a Day: Week 3

Whoa!  The week of celebrities!    

New unexpected result of this photo-a-day goal:  a heightened sense of time.  The “being more present” thing is working.  But also, I’m getting to the end of these weeks (e.g. the hard part, e.g. posting time) and thinking, “Holy schnikes.  Another week has passed already?”  I much prefer that mini-shock to the one where you wake up one day and suddenly we’re wrapping up the first quarter of the new year.

Early this week I departed for (and am currently in)  a place I’d never been.  Without further ado:

January 15:

Top slow travel blog Half the Clothes' author likes meeting new people in the way slow travel allows - especially when they have hot tubs and are fun to hang out with

I fell instantly in love with this kitchen. The hot tub in close proximity didn’t hurt. Nor the company.

January 16:

Top slow travel blog Half the Clothes author tries to design a life that includes lots of time with family and friends

The excitement of re-uniting a little with his mama – the highlight of my day!

January 17:

Top slow travel blog Half the Clothes author took ten days to explore Austin Texas while work exchanging with an artist host - her favorite way to slow travel!

Somehow both the strangest and most delicious tacos ever. With dynamo company surrounded by intense, fantastic art. Okay, Austin. Okay. Maybe everything really is bigger and better in Texas.

January 18:

Top Slow travel blog half the clothes' author meets Kevin Allison of Risk!

So, I guess this guy is a big deal to some people. (Who listens to the Risk! podcast?)  I just wanted to see the live recording of his storytelling show at the Paramount Theater. This man: funny, authentic, and put together an excellent evening. Loved it.

January 19:

Top slow travel blog Half the Clothes' author Jema meets her youtube yoga hero - Adriene Mishler

Um… guess my secrets are out. Yes, I am unable to be photogenic without the help of several photos.  Yes, I wear the same shirt to get my hair cut, go out to shows, and go to my favorite YouTube teacher’s yoga class.  Anyhoo, she is even more wonderful in person. So grateful to have experienced live the woman behind Yoga with Adriene!

January 20:

Top slow travel blog Half the Clothes' author loves to work exchange when she travels

My work exchange host has a tortoise that’s almost two decades old! How amazing is that? She’s such a sweetie.

January 21:

top slow travel blog half the clothes' author also couchsurfs and gets to meet incredible people like this!

Most epic Saturday of 2017. My face hurt from smiling the entire day. Brunch, civic observation at the state capitol, Cathedral of Junk, best view in the city, best view in hill country complimented by the nectar of the gods and preceded by leaning into corners at high speeds, beating the rain, endless hilarious conversations, sneaking drinks to the next establishment, delicious duck, late night story swapping… bliss.

Photo Location(s):
Tucson, Arizona
Austin, Texas

Happy Travels!

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  • January 23, 2017 at 1:21 am

    Awesome Week 🙂 Thanks for sharing your life 🙂

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