Photo of the Day: Week 6

Had my first photo-forgetting fail this week!

Since I had selected the photo on the correct day, and since I just kept forgetting to click the shutter button, and since I could still capture the same image the following day… I took the picture anyway.  They’re my rules, right?  I can bend them… right?

(Unplanned) theme of the week: finally going places I’ve been meaning to go for years.

Lesson of the week: thanks to this goal, I’m often carrying my camera during “wish-I-had-I-my-camera” times.  Loving it!

February 5:

Top slow travel blog Half the Clothes author spends a lot of slow travel time exploring alternative building stuff.

Exploring a new friend’s strawbale casita with my padre. Pretty awesome!

February 6:

Top Slow Travel Blog Half the Clothes' author thinks it's really important to build community anywhere you travel.

Neighbor friend and I finally got to go out for a night without kids. We usually only see each other for playdates, which anyone with kids can tell you isn’t exactly quality time when they involve a 6, 4 and two 2 year-olds. We’re both sad my Tucson days are numbered.

February 7:

Top slow travel blog Half the Clothes author loves to explore the areas where she stays and find unique little treasures.

A few weeks ago, thanks to my meditation goal, I finally walked over to this saguaro cactus. And was shocked to discover it’s part of an outdoor stations of the cross. 30 yards from the backdoor of a place I’ve be coming for ten years. Who knew? There’s a bench. Makes it a pretty sweet place to meditate.

February 8:

Top slow travel blog Half the Clothes author tries to build community wherever she goes, and especially in the places to which she will return

Another ten years of opportunity finally seized – Sabino Canyon hike with this lovely lady! (Just left of center, through the prickly pear portal.)

February 9:

Top slow travel blog Half the Clothes author is considering building herself a little writer's cottage near her family where she can spend a few months a year

Stayed up super late researching these properties. They are not attractive to any buyer, save a nomad who doesn’t really want to live there and would spend most of the time AirBnb-ing out a theoretical structure. We’ll see if the investors holding them can be talked into passing on the burden of property taxes to me.

February 10:

Top slow travel blog Half the Clothes author is a huge weirdo about taking pictures of her shadow.

On this day, I went to see the aforementioned properties. I crawled up onto the local junction box to confirm my suspicions about the elevation subtleties on the lots. I couldn’t help snapping my preferred selfie.

February 11:

Top slow travel blog Half the Clothes' author loves checking out local passions and festivals in her travels

Gem and mineral show – an annual big deal in Tucson. Pretty mind blowing. I learned so much. More than my tiny brain could handle after a few hours. Crystal structure and formation is fascinating and gorgeous!

Photo Location(s):
Tucson, Arizona

Happy Travels!


  • February 15, 2017 at 8:07 pm

    Good luck with the property !! 🙂

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