How to Get Around the Onward Flight Rule

This company has been great for years, but suddenly they are taking everyone’s money and running.   Don’t know what’s going on, but I certainly can’t recommend them anymore!   Back to the drawing board/buying throw-away tickets?!

The long term travel conundrum is this: What do you do when a country requires proof of onward travel as a condition of entry, but you don’t know how long you’re actually staying or where you’re going next?


A few years ago in the Philippines I knew I would apply for a visa extension after arriving.  However, that doesn’t matter to immigration officers.  I had to prove I would leave the country after the 30 day stay they were granting me at the airport arrivals  counter.  Silly.
Nonetheless, to avoid being forced to buy an expensive on-the-spot ticket after being stuck for hours in florescent immigration corridors, I bought the cheapest international flight I could find.  $50 to China – a flight I would never board.

Problem Solved

Nowadays there is a cool site called that charges you $9.99 for essentially the same service. They shell out the cash for one of those expensive, refundable tickets in your name.  You take the confirmation, show it to the airlines and immigration people.  Once you’re in, Flyonward cancels the ticket and gets their money back.

Pretty sweet!

(Disclaimer about the lack of disclaimer – I have no affiliation with Flyonward, because I’m too lazy/busy-with-stuff-I-actually-want-to-be-doing to go see if they have an affiliate program and sign up and do their paperwork and implement the link that would earn me 5 ¢ each time one of y’all used their site.  If you want to scratch my back in return for this info, I guess you could share or tweet or pin or reddit it or something.  But really, just travel respectfully and thoughtfully – that’s all the thanks I need.)

Happy Travels!  ♣

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