Photo of the Day: Week 11

Forest, music, work, recon, mountains, rest, and dancing!

Lesson of the week: immediately uploading photos upon returning home is where it’s at when one is on a trip.  Taking way more than one photo most days on this special occasion.

March 12:

Get me anywhere mother nature with a camera in my hands and I’m hopeless. The contrast of snow and green lichen was fun. The unexpectedly cold spring break? We still made it fun.

March 13:

If I were a music person, I’d know the name of the best band I saw in Nashville. Instead, I just know they were awesome… particularly their lead singer. That woman rocked the house over and over… all in jeans, a comfy t-shirt, and a sloppy pony tail. LOVE.

March 14:

On a cold day in Nashville, we each found a way to make indoors awesome – me work, N shopping!

March 15:

Disappointingly, the event managers for Trump’s speech in Nashville were woefully underskilled or unprepared or something. Somehow they managed never to fill a 9,700 person auditorium, despite at least that many people standing out on the sidewalk freezing and waiting to get in. Boo.

March 16:

I knew the south was known for religious fervor. What I didn’t know: a baptist church every three to four miles in the Great Smoky Mountains. I shit you, not.

March 17:

Thanks to Wednesday’s Trump fail, I spent St. Patrick’s day and night drinking tea, sleeping, cringing every time I swallowed, and talking on the phone.  Thankfully, my host’s home was super cozy and my companions were very forgiving of my absence.

March 18:

Recovered and ready to glitter the night away at an 80’s dance party! Sang and danced our hearts out. Amazing night <3

Photo Location(s):
Cherokee National Forest
Nashville, Tennessee
Great Smoky Mountains
Asheville, North Carolina

Happy Travels!

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