Photo of the Day: Week 12

Whoa!  Five locations in a week?!  That’s crazypants!

Lesson of the week: taking a photo a day is super easy when traveling.  Getting around to publishing said photos in a whirlwind while traveling at a whirlwind, super-fast pace… not so easy.

March 19:

This class alone leveled up my entire yoga game. Bonus – with two awesome ladies. And the brewery trip afterward didn’t hurt the evening’s status. 🙂

March 20:

The only professional basketball team on our trip route… a throw back to my childhood in the early 90s when the Hornets were a more revered team!

March 21:

I wasn’t sad about eating seafood on the banks of the river.  The local fare wasn’t as “wow” as I’ve experienced in the Pacific Northwest or in New England.  Sorry, Georgia.

March 22:

The people were right.  Savannah is a really unique city.  Especially if you’ve never been to Bangkok or Vientiane or any other humid, warm, riverside city.  I have a feeling the man who designed the OCD, over-engineered city layouts would have been a friend of mine.

March 23:

Possibly the most tasteful, artful brewery I’ve ever patronized. Service sub-par, games good fun, beer top-notch, food excellent. I’d come back! Good work, Atlanta.

March 24:

Before you judge, know that I have been desperately searching for EXACTLY these underwear for more than three years now.  What makes them perfect?  The cut.  It used to be popular, has faded from the lingerie scene, and I am really sad.  My road trip buddy knows of my suffering and couldn’t believe it when she saw the in a drawer at Victoria’s Secret.  The saleslady said there were no more and she’s never seen the style before.  If you find me these undies 1) I will name my firstborn child after you (uh… but, full disclosure: I don’t plan on having kids), and 2) I will pay you a finder’s fee or kiss you or buy you a beer or probably all three.

March 25:

You wake up early. You do yoga. You go for a run in the park. You pack. You walk a mile to the train station carrying luggage. You ride to the airport with the intention of spending the time waiting for flight working on projects. You get to the airport and a wall of tired hits you like a ton of bricks. You feel very sad that there is nowhere to take a quality 20 minute nap at an airport. On a whim, you look up the perks of your lounge pass card that you get with one of the many free-flights credit cards you use. You discover you have access to a nap lounge. For free. You stumble toward exactly what you dreamed of having, marveling at your charmed life.

Photo Location(s):
Asheville, North Carolina
Charlotte, North Carolina
Tybee Island, Georgia
Savannah, Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia

Happy Travels!

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