Photo of the Day – Week 36

I spent most this week brutalizing my brain with new information.  However…

…I still managed to capture daily backdrops!

September 3:

After a long shift, he endures flagellation at the hands of his madame.

September 4:

All that leftover backpacking magic = such. good. cookies.

September 5:

One of my favorite summer recipes!  Adapted from 101 Cookbooks.

September 6:

Ballard dining with an Australian I never actually got to meet in Australia.  We peeked at the local “Aussie” watering hole after our Isan Thai lunch – just to confirm their “Australian” menu was total bullshit.

September 7:

The fires outside of Portland – four hours away – filled the Seattle sky with a heavy haze and red sun.  We woke to windowsills of ash.  Crazy!

September 8:

When I bite off more than I can chew (so… 90% of the time?), I start hitting the herbals preventatively.  So far I’ve staved off exhaustion-induced illness.  Lucky this time?

September 9:

An intense weekend of learning all about tiny house construction from one of the industry greats!  Very well done.  Unanticipated: connections with dozens of very cool people who share at least some of my unconventional perspectives on life.  Friends!!

Photo Location(s):

Seattle, Washington – USA
Tacoma, Washington – USA

Happy Travels!

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