Photo of the Day – Week 37

I’m a cheater!!!

I was – all caps – NOT on my photo game this week.  Usually, I make it happen in the face of any adversity.  Forgot my camera? I’ll ask the nearest friend or stranger to use their phone and then text myself the photo.  Forgot all day?  I’ll wander around before bed deciding what to document.

Week 37 saw an exhaustion long in the making.  It destroyed my ability to care about silly things like goals and principles.  I decided to make up for photos I’d intended to take (but was too lazy to actually perform the aberrant behavior – e.g. pulling over to the side of the road, asking one of my new friends to hook me up) by grabbing the nearest thing off the internet.  That was my go-to more than a decade ago when an even-more audacious version of myself (there’s nothing I wrote back then that doesn’t make me cringe in embarrassment… exhibit A) couldn’t afford and didn’t want a digital camera.

I give you: three moments I captured in real time, three I resurrected, and one full-failure.

September 10:

Love  this lady!  She has the biggest sensitivity to onions I’ve ever witnessed.  What luck for someone who absolutely adores onions!  Her beau finally bought her a barrier to protect her baby blues… and she loves it.  Onion googles to the rescue!

September 11:

I rented a car last minute when I discovered the “Seattle” workshop I was so excited about… was in Tacoma!  The weekend special made a rental only twice as much as riding the bus for hours and hours.  Sold.  Despite my exhaustion and lack of sleep on Monday morning, I still wanted to take advantage of a half-day with a car.  Thanks to my awesome friend’s recs, I plotted an adventure an hour outside the city.  The mountains are my soul food.

September 12:

After talking repeatedly about a lackluster landlord who – among many other gaffes – reckons his tenents don’t need a ladder if one of them is tall enough to stand on two precarious bar stools and almost reach the ceiling… said tenent finally rolled his eyes, hopped up onto a teetering foundation, discovered the furnace filter was slightly too long, cut it to size, and installed the freshy fresh in time for the brisk autumn’s arrival.

September 13:

Dinner party game night!  Turns out 5-Minute Dungeon is exactly the kind of whirlwind pattern game a nerd like me really enjoys.

September 14:

Fail!  Writing, emails, yoga, hours of shopping for Honduras trip prep and household groceries… no photo.

September 15:

I left the house on foot and returned six hours later, having been to this Discovery Park viewpoint twice with two different but very awesome people (and three different dogs!).  My feet must have carried me at least ten miles, but those conversations and connections were well worth it.

September 16:

“Sleep when you’re dead” could easily be my life motto.  I’ve been sacrificing my forty winks for the sake of way more awesome things since I was just a baby.  My dad would come home from swing shift to find me awake in my crib.  I read by nightlight until my parents caught me each of the many late evenings of my childhood.  As an adult, my nocturnal preference hasn’t changed.  But I do my best to stay attached to the world by keeping a semblance of normal hours.  Awake until 3 or 4?  I’m still getting up at 8 or 9.  There are probably only five or six days a year that I don’t wake up to an alarm.  Saturday the 16th was one of those days.  I collapsed Friday night around 11.  My jaw hit the floor when I saw my bedside clock-phone-alarm the next morning.  1:47 p.m.  Holy _____.

Photo Location(s):

Seattle, Washington – USA
Wenatchee National Forest, Washington – USA

Happy Travels!

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