Photo of the Day – Week 39

I thought I was finally going to be in one place for awhile.

Five days into a five week trip with my mom – a tri-annual tradition I’ve been trying to start since 2015 – I was waiting for her to get out of her SCUBA diving class when I found out her mom (my grandmother) had had a stroke.

As you can imagine, I didn’t have the presence of mind to grab a photo that day.

Photowise, this week is in interesting retrospective… how differently we might have done things, how many fewer dreams we would have chosen to dream had we known what was in store.

September 24:

My Seattle bestie’s place of employment regularly has cruise ships pull up right outside.  And whole airplane fuselages roll by on the railroad tracks (thank you Boeing!).

September 25:

In the lounge, waiting for my mom’s flight to land.  Here are the new backpacks I was road testing on this trip.  Good thing I take good notes and do the bulk of my reviewing in the first days of using a product!

September 26:

We had to transit through “the murder capital of the world” to get to the Bay Islands.  The folks on Lonely Planet’s travel forum assured me that my mom and I did not constitute the kind of “group of gringos” who would be safe walking around the city, even in broad daylight.  I was skeptical, but played it safe, booked a hotel with a good reputation and a restaurant, and planned not to travel as normal.  You guys, San Pedro Sula is fine.  I’m not saying it’s super safe, but I’ve been in far more dangerous places.  I felt completely comfortable there.  We even walked a quarter mile to a grocery store without encountering anything even slightly unsafe.  But since we’d planted ourselves outside the city center and purposely put off our island planning for that day, we stuck with the plans and finished off the night with a round of cards instead of dinner out.  

September 27:

I love storms.  LOVE.  So Sept/Oct are the perfect time to visit Honduras… beginning of the rainy season!  We got quite a show while waiting for the ferry!

September 28:

Morning walk to check out one of the island beaches after picking our SCUBA shop.

September 29:

Another morning beach walk – we loved Chepes and had plans to go back, stay at a place nearby, go bio-luminescent kayaking… all the things.  Next time!

September 30:

Failed to snag a photo this day.  After chatting with a bunch of other folks at our dive shop/hostel/hotel, I sat down to do some work and got the message about my grandma.  The rest of the day was a rushing whirlwind of packing and transit and endless Googling to figure out the fastest way home.

Photo Location(s):

Seattle, Washington – USA
Houston, Texas – USA
San Pedro Sula – Honduras
La Ceiba – Hondura
Utila – Honduras

Happy Travels!

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