Photo of the Day – Week 40

Family and food week.

It’s a pretty incredible blessing to be able to go to family in an emergency.

October 1:

A stressful day of airports and plane rides and immigration and customs?   Start it with yoga!   Thankful that my mom is into taking care of her health.

October 2:

Getting to see these two is a bright side of being in Arizona, unplanned.   (The little’s hair kept getting in his eyes, so I made him able to see.   The pre-teen was shocked by what he considered a bit of gender-bending by his little bro.)

October 3:

This little dude hangs out like this all day!

October 4:

It’s less “baking” cookies and more “assembling” cookies.  But I just need an excuse to eat cocoa powder and butter.   And some sweet treats that aren’t full of fructose.

October 5:

I’m a cheater!   I was so busy this night making dinner for everyone that I noticed the beautiful full-moon rising (and paused to enjoy it for a hot second), but did not fulfill the promise I made to myself that I would go grab the camera as soon as I could sneak away from the stove.   Good thing the moon is full(ish) a few nights in a row!

October 6:

My little sister bought a house!   The fridge delivery came off without a hitch, although with the front door removed there was still less than 1/4″ (6mm) clearance on each side.   And the Spanish command for “careful” is way better than the English… “Suave, suave, suave”  

October 7:

Grams at the rehab dining room with her oxygen, her kids, and their spouses (and a grandaughter!).

Photo Location(s):

San Pedro Sula – Honduras
Tucson, Arizona – USA

Happy Travels!

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