Photo of the Day – Week 44

Getting my life back… kind of.   And food.   Kind of.

Apparently my first move, when happening into a bout of glorious autonomy, is to create consumables.   I postulated to a friend that perhaps when I’m too exhausted to tackle a bigger project, like researching cryptocurrency investing or planning a new YouTube video, cooking serves as a creative outlet?

As always, having this daily goal makes me notice more and think about things from a detached-observer perspective.

October 29:

I love caraway seeds.   And this gluten-free paleo rye bread is my all-time favorite, which I gleefully turned into Reuben sandwiches. I almost freaked when I found out the creator was rebranding her site and had temporarily disabled the recipe.   Thank goodness for the wayback machine.

October 30:

My all-time favorite adult beverage… isn’t made in America!   Or is very hard to find.   Or is very expensive.   Boozy Ginger Beer.   It’s my first crack at the kind of fermentation where you’re supposed to be really uptight… making sure everything is religiously clean, blahblahblah.   Needless to say, I’m not about to spend my precious attention on that jazz.   If I fail doing it my way (I’ll let you know at Thanksgiving), I’ll go pro next time.   Not pictured: evening pumpkin carving with the kiddos!

October 31:

On the morning of all hallow’s eve, the post-yoga pre-sunrise sky boasted incredible beauty.   It’s a rare day that I’m paying attention at both dawn and dusk.

November 1:

This helping-with-grandma schtick has me spending lots of time around memorialized versions of my past self.   Back-center is me about age 6.

November 2:

I woke up with a frozen neck, spent half the day doing PT and watching a fascinating documentary, then got my work done.   Right after I had decided to make banana creme puffs with the overripe bananas, my adorable mother proposed she come fetch me and we spend some time together that isn’t doctor appointments and kid care.   Thumbs up for this swank spot in my newly-discovered and now favorite Tucson neighborhood.

November 3:

My mom has an enormous office.   With an empty desk.   I work from home (wherever “home” happens to be), which is both a blessing and curse. How can I fix broken links when I could be making ginger beer or emptying the dishwasher?   Solution: a day at the office to face all the drudgery I’ve avoided for months.

November 4:

I’m not mad that there’s basically no fall in Arizona… or that it’s been 90 freaking degrees every day of October.   But now that November’s here, it’s about time for the weather to get its act together.   Today the skies finally delivered long awaited dark clouds and cool(er – 81) weather.   I love the way dark clouds intensify the greens in a landscape (a.k.a why I’m addicted to the PNW). And I discovered the fairy dusters are changing color!

Photo Location(s):

Tucson, Arizona – USA

Happy Travels!

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